Welcome home message

(Heather) #22

No nothing got it to work.

As I said testing this to see if it works as disabling location and reanabling triggered the welcome message

Pretty sure it’s a tiny bug but won’t be able to tell now until I go home at the end of the week

(Josh) #23

I’ve just gotten back from a trip to Italy. The “Welcome to Italy!” notification came a few seconds after my first purchase. First purchase was several days after I arrived, and I used my phone (and checked Monzo) plenty before then, so I don’t think it used location services at all.

Likewise, the “welcome home” notification came just after my first purchase in the UK.

(Harry) #24

Did we ever get an official response as to how this should work? @simonb @cookywook :eyes:


Just back from Italy as well. Didn’t get either message. R-


It’s on first spend in new country for me. This is on iOS.

I went to Rep of Ireland recently and hired a car via an Irish website from home and got the ‘welcome to ireland’ message, which was a bit of a surprise. I then got a welcome home message the next time I used it. I then got the pair of messages again when I used my card in Ireland and later back home.

(Peter Shillito) #27

This happened to me when setting up my account with Benly Express (a Japanese website). I spoke to in-app chat and they changed something with the merchant so it came up as an online (website) transaction and not a point of sale transaction. The transaction, for the record, was just an active card check, so my spending report for that “trip” to Japan was 1¥ :rofl:

(I invented greengages. There was only fuel guages prior to this. ) #28

I got the welcome home message while still at the airport and before using my Monzo card.

(Heather) #29

Update. So after uninstalling it didn’t fix it but turning the location off and back on in settings seemed to fix it. Got the welcome home message not long after I landed like I used to so must have just been a bug.

(Andy) #30

I have never received the welcome home message when arriving back in UK on Saturday night :disappointed_relieved: