Welcome home message

No nothing got it to work.

As I said testing this to see if it works as disabling location and reanabling triggered the welcome message

Pretty sure it’s a tiny bug but won’t be able to tell now until I go home at the end of the week


I’ve just gotten back from a trip to Italy. The “Welcome to Italy!” notification came a few seconds after my first purchase. First purchase was several days after I arrived, and I used my phone (and checked Monzo) plenty before then, so I don’t think it used location services at all.

Likewise, the “welcome home” notification came just after my first purchase in the UK.

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Did we ever get an official response as to how this should work? @simonb @cookywook :eyes:

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Just back from Italy as well. Didn’t get either message. R-

It’s on first spend in new country for me. This is on iOS.

I went to Rep of Ireland recently and hired a car via an Irish website from home and got the ‘welcome to ireland’ message, which was a bit of a surprise. I then got a welcome home message the next time I used it. I then got the pair of messages again when I used my card in Ireland and later back home.

This happened to me when setting up my account with Benly Express (a Japanese website). I spoke to in-app chat and they changed something with the merchant so it came up as an online (website) transaction and not a point of sale transaction. The transaction, for the record, was just an active card check, so my spending report for that “trip” to Japan was 1¥ :rofl:

I got the welcome home message while still at the airport and before using my Monzo card.

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Update. So after uninstalling it didn’t fix it but turning the location off and back on in settings seemed to fix it. Got the welcome home message not long after I landed like I used to so must have just been a bug.

I have never received the welcome home message when arriving back in UK on Saturday night :disappointed_relieved:

yeah I didn’t get one from my last trip either. Seems hit or miss if they work

Just returned from Brazil and received my first Welcome home message upon using my Monzo back in the U.K. Really nice touch to welcome home and summarise my spending while away. Everything worked superbly with the card in Brazil and once home. Well done Monzo and keep it coming!

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I never get my welcome message till making a transaction both home and away