Overseas travel “Welcome to <country>“ notification not working?


Travelled overseas a couple of days ago, and didn’t get a “Welcome to Switzerland :switzerland:“ notification with the exchange rate and travel advice.

I’ve checked my location settings and they’re still set to always for Monzo, so wondering if the functionality has been broken or switched off in the latest release? Currently using TestFlight version.

Any ideas?

I believe the message in your title only appears after the first transaction abroad. I also think it should work with location enabled but since current account launch this has not been happening.
During Prepaid period it was how you expected it be.


Thank you for your reply. That hasn’t been my experience.

I’d actually been getting them reliably until the end of November, whenever I changed country. I went to three different countries then, and each time got the welcome message.

(Until now, the only issue I’d faced at all is when using a VPN while abroad. The app gets confused if you set your VPN to pretend you’re in the UK (for example to watch iPlayer while abroad), and you end up getting multiple welcome messages and travel summary notifications.)

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I’ve travelled away in last two day and i got the notification

I’ve only ever had them when a transaction first happens in the foreign country, including one instance when I rented a car from a .ie website before leaving home and got welcomed to Ireland a bit early. This was followed up buy a welcome home message later that day when I used my card again.

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Interesting. In case this is a factor, are you using the App Store or the TestFlight version?

I usually get them when I turn on my phone after touching down in a foreign country - before any transactions, and regardless of how often I’ve been to that country before.

Here are some examples:

image image image


I have stopped getting these notifications since December. I wonder if inadvertently done something in my settings to turn it off! Help please as I really like that and gave me tips, rates and transcription advice.

Thank you :blush:

I agree. I do think something isn’t quite right with them. I also got a travel summary report for a trip to China (“Your trip to China”, with the breakdown of expenses) a month after I’d returned to the UK, despite using my card every day on my return.

While abroad, I seem to randomly get travel summary reports, followed by a "Welcome to " notifications as well. I think there may be a few things at play - including possibly confusion due to my use of a VPN, which I occasionally use to pretend to be in the UK while I’m abroad. It feels like the app’s location awareness is possibly driven intermittently by physical location and IP address.

Happy to provide further details if it would help Monzo.

I was in Iceland for 5 days in December. I got a ‘Welcome to Iceland’ when I arrived, then day 2 I got a ‘your trip to iceland’, then another ‘welcome to iceland’ then I didn’t get another summary. Bit rubbish.


They appear to be hit and miss with me. And I travel a lot!

Sometimes I get them sometimes I don’t. Trip reports I have often got them while still in the country!


I hope Monzo can sort out the bugs. It’s nice functionality when it works well.


I am overseas a lot of the time and have linked my Monzo to Uber which I use a lot overseas. I’ve never had a "Welcome to… " message that I am aware of. When I use Uber or make an overseas purchase I simply get an instant notification with the local currency alongside the equivalent in sterling. The only ‘Welcome to…’ message I get is from my phone provider. I am on the beta btw.

In your device’s privacy settings, have you agreed to share your location with Monzo? If not, that might be the reason you’re not getting those Welcome notifications.

I have checked and there seems to be no way I can link the location setting to Monzo. I have many other bank apps and they appear in location settings and I can toggle them on or off but there is no option for Monzo (and I mean in Android settings). It simply doesn’t appear as an option! I am not bothered anyway…it works perfectly well and the welcome message would serve no useful function for me. The telecom one is useful because it lets me know about roaming charges (or not) but I can’t see the point of one for Monzo.

Hi, I’m afraid I only know how this works with iOS. Due to the fact that Monzo customers are restricted from having the app on more than one device, I can’t try out the Android version.

In iOS, there’s a setting within the app itself (Allow Location-based Security), and another within the Settings app (Privacy -> Location -> Monzo).

Oh Ok! Can’t see it on my android phone. Maybe that’s why some people see these notifications and some don’t. Thanks for taking time to reply.

Unless it’s changed in the last few months, this isn’t true.

You can definitely use the iOS app if you’ve previously used the Android app and vice versa.

I think Monzo only let’s you be logged into one device for each OS
(ie: you can be logged on to an iOS and an Android device at the same time, but you can’t be logged into the same account on two iOS devices)


@awjdean, thank you for letting me know. I’d only ever tried several iOS devices until now, but great to see I can get the app on my Android phone as well.


Just returned from another trip abroad, and this time got no Welcome to xxx notification and no travel report :sob: