Weird Monzo Bug on login

So I logged out for the first time today in a while.

When I went to log back in…… all the splash screens were in USD. For some reason the app may think that I am a Monzo USA customer? It would be odd to do this otherwise.

Are you currently in the US?

Or have your iPhone or app store set to that region?

I’m curious as to how they’re determining where you are. Does it make a difference to your ability to log back in?

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Nope. I was just in the US for all of April and the start of May (got back about 3 weeks ago) but I’m back here in the UK now.

And my iPhone is set to UK region.

Login worked fine.

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Might be a cache thing?

I had issues with my MS 365 account for weeks after getting back from LA in mid-April. Turned out that it’d auto-resolved to what looked like ‘UTC’, but in fact I had to manually select ‘UTC’ (the same) to fix the phantom time offset. Weird

Y2K, 23 years later.


Of all the people to post in the wrong section I would never have expected you to do it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


You know, I was looking for the bug reports section and I must have scrolled right past it in a hurry and not registered it.

In my defense I’m on edge today as I was waiting for confirmation on some dates for flights, and right after I got the confirmation the flights went up by £100 :rage:

(That and I also got last minute confirmation for a job interview tomorrow, wish me luck everyone :pray:t4:)


Good luck :pray:

Let us know how it went :hot_face:

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Good luck :crossed_fingers:t3:

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Good luck! :four_leaf_clover:

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Could just confirm if you still have a US e-sim active on your device? Some logic which determines the users location for the welcome screen uses the carrier settings to determine country location. We get a list back from the device and just pick the first one, so if you still had the US e-sim active it may have picked that up.


I haven’t had an e-SIM active on this device ever. I had a physical US SIM in it while I was there, but I popped my UK SIM back in when I got back 3 weeks ago.

Thanks for clarifying and the original bug report. I’ve raised it with the team.


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