Potential bug?

Hey guys,

First time Monzo user, and signed up as I was told by other users it’s easy to use abroad. I’m having different opinions!

So, just got back from Las Vegas on Friday 28th. Arrived on the 24th. On check in two transactions were made, one for $158.72, as a (ridiculous) resort tax, and another for $200 as a (equally as ridiculous) refundable security deposit. Both left my account straight away without issue. I used the card several times in ATMs with no issues either.

Come to check out day. I’m given an invoice and out of the $358.72 I’d paid on check in, I’m due to pay $192.73, and due a refund of $165.99, great. I get home, check my app, and see that on Saturday the 29th, a refund had shown for £5.91, underneath that is shows $165.99… so how does $165.99 convert to £5.91?! Even more confusingly, a transaction was made for the $192.73 charges, but this shows as a transaction for 40p?! What the hell is going on with these exchange rates?

The refund I’m due shows as ‘automatically reversed by Monzo’ so I can’t even access it. The online chat is incredibly slow to help and even then we don’t seem to be getting anywhere. I have made contact with the hotel to provide proof they’re refunding it but the proof is already there by the deposit for $165.99.

Help! !


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‘The exchange rate was £1 = $481.42’

Something wrong there - the exchange rate comes from mastercard so sounds like a glitch. Alas you need to talk to monzo directly to fix this.


If the chat isn’t getting you anywhere, I would advise giving the number on the back of the card a quick call (24/7!), and they’ll be able to help you out. :slight_smile:

That exchange rate is the most extreme, however there should be another image up there (I’ll try adding it below) where the exchange rate is really off as well.

I only put enough on the card to cover me for the few days I was there, but the hotel were really unhelpful with doing transactions on two cards (the Monzo card was purely for spending money and the resort fee) so I had to put it all on the Monzo card and transfer £200 into Monzo to cover, which I desperately need now, but seem to be having nothing but issues getting it back.

Is this a Monzo issue? The hotel appears to have attempted a refund, albeit with that dodgy exchange rate, but it says Monzo reversed it?!