Weekly salary not showing as salary


So i have finally decided to get my weekly salary paid into my Monzo account. I set it up with my employer without any problem, and the payment showed up in my feed the day before as an upcoming transfer.

Great i thought. However, Monzo does not seem to recognise this as a salary but simply as a transfer sticking it in the ‘general’ category. Is anyone else having this problem?


(SimonL) #2

Yes it’s the same with my weekly salary


It’s bloody annoying

(SimonL) #4

I’d also like to be able to tell it that I get it weekly so the summary is correct for the month


You have to select a payment as salary on the summary page for them to know it’s salary

For weekly the summary isn’t automatically good. You need to set a budget based on your monthly wage


Yeah. I don’t see how this differs to those who get paid monthly.


That doesn’t work for me as i already tried this. The only options i have on the summary page are switching and adding the salary manually by giving my details to my employer, which i have already done.


If this is the first payment then once it’s in your account (not the notification that it will be) you should be able to select it then


when I first set up to get paid in my monzo account weekly payments the first two said you got paid with the wave hands then after that ever since up to today it just said payment from Arriva which who I work for that’s it no more you got paid notification


I have just spoken to someone at support and it turns out this feature doesn’t exist for weekly salaries (or no longer exists).

I still don’t see why its so hard to implement but not much we can do. She said they are looking into it but there is no time frame.