Webuyanyphone - anyone used it?


I’m having loads of trouble with them :cry:

I’ll keep this as succinct as possible.

9/04/2019: agreed with webuyanyphone to sell to them for £176
25/04/2019: order received. Reviewed as faulty (actually probably not) counter offer of £40. I açcept because I figure it would happen with another company.
26/04/2019: order “paid”. Receive money in 3-5 days.

About 3/5/2019 still not received. Send an email.
8/05/2019; no reply so I call. Promises itll be chased and money should be in my account asap. (Steve)
13/05/2019: still no money. Promises again by end of day on phone. Receive an email later saying end of next day (yesterday) (Grace)
15/05/2019: STILL NO MONEY.

Call 1 advise I want to lodge a complaint and I’m told I need to do that on the website. I advise that’s a crock of shit and I should be able to open a complaint on the phone but ok. He says I should have money today (Ben)

So I check the website and surprise surprise I can lodge a complaint on the phone.

Call 2 say I just called. Would like to lodge a complaint. Summarise what’s happened. Know that complaint handlers like to know an ideal outcome, advise I would like compensation due to absolute crap customer journey. She tells me they dont do compensation. promises again that I’ll receive the money today … (Grace)

I’m sooooo annoyed. For £40 bloody quid. I’ve now googled them and they are shambolic.

Oh ALSO, Grace said the complaint is more official if emailed and I said that’s just a barrier to making a complaint. Her response is that more people are aware of it’s emailed. My retort is that if their internal complaints policy is any good then it’ll be escalated and seen correctly no matter what channel I use.


(Caspar) #2

Not helpful but I’ve almost always had great results from Mazuma, I’d definitely recommend them. (The only exception was last year with my iPad Pro that I was selling in advance of the new iPhone coming out, they told me the screen was defective, but I was positive it wasn’t. Asked them to return it and it came back within 2 days. Took it to Apple and they gave me the full trade in value (in Apple credit, but that was fine as I could use that towards my phone).


I’m half tempted to ask for it back if I don’t get the money by the end of the day tbh.

(Michael) #4

I sent mine to Mazuma Mobile - they were fantastic, sent it recorded delivery, and they paid the same day they received the device direct to my bank account…

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(Stephen Robinson) #5

Even if you don’t plan to (As it isn’t worth the costs) send a letter to head office threatening legal action. I’m sure they’ll soon send you the money.


Oh my actual God.

I just called again asking for them to return it to me and his response was ‘it’s been recycled’

I got Ben again. I also said I wanted more money due to the time, again, spent wasted on this and I originally agreed to £40 with a payment in 3-5 days and said another company would give £150 for the same condition of the advice. He said ‘but you accepted the offer’

His responses were SHITE, and I said this is theft as they’ve not held up their end of the contract /deal.

Then he said he’d still be getting back to me, been promised this too much and his attitude is so apathetic.

I ended the call saying 'also your apathy on dealing with this is incredibly dismissive and I would like you to add that to the complaint.

Hung up.

FFS at this point.

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When I get attitude like that then this tends to fix things


Is it worth it for £40 :cry:

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Yeah coz you can bill them for the cost of it and add any other things like osts of calls etc.

I would just for the principle of the matter

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I may scope it out after my shift :eyes:

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I did it to a seller on Amazon, got my money back + expenses. They even sent me the product again if I withdrew the case :joy_cat:


I wouldn’t use Mazuma mobile at present. They have changed hands and I send a phone to them a little while ago and it took me two weeks to get my funds.


Just got the £40 :eyes:

Still asking for compensation :woman_shrugging:

This as been a pain to deal with.

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I wonder if they have keyword searches on Google and saw this :eyes:


Not this company but I’ve had similar with an iPad mini a few years ago. Offered me x amount online reduced the offer when they got it. I knew the iPad was in really good condition so declined the offer. It took them ages to get back to me. Finally agreed to near full price of the original offer.

I think a lot of these companies just try it on.

(Justin) #17

I’ve sold a year-old iPhone to Music Magpie three times, and they’ve been impeccable each time. Money within days, and the price they offered each time was quite good.

To be fair, the condition of the devices I sold was very high. I’d almost certainly use them again if I needed to.


Seems you are not alone.


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I like how they did this for them but not for Monzo

(Ian Lyon) #20

For what it’s worth, I’ve found Plunc to be faultless in all the time I’ve been sending stuff to them. Next day Faster Payment, they don’t mind if the device is a little damaged and you’ll still get the same amount. Couldn’t ask for more. Definitely consider them next time! :cold_sweat:



Thanks may look at them.