Customer service wont call me

I had a problem and contacted customer service asking to speak to someone. I’ve had messages from 9 different people they offer to phone ask dor my number and time to call and nothing happens. Is there anyone there or are they all robots? Any ons else had problems get them to call?

How are they contacting you, and why are they asking for your number? It is already on your account isn’t it?

Sounds dodgy. If you want to speak to Monzo message them securely in app.

I know! its in the system and i keep sending it to them. I found they created a complaint on something i didnt complain about without my knowing. So i really think i need to talk to a human being. If there is one

How did you find out this, it kinda sounds sketchy.

Yea, something not’s adding up here, it’s a bit odd.

What was the very first initial interaction with you & the support team? Did you contact them at all, or did they reach out to you first? How did they contact you?

If they believe support wasn’t as good as it should be they will raise it as a complaint

But if you have given 9 different people your phone number 9 times it’s probably worth telling them in app you want to complain about this


Also… most of Monzos communication is done in app, even when you complain they message you in app. Which is what you want because you need it in writing should you wish to take it further.

They don’t call you or speak to you over the phone :confused: Especially when you didn’t raise the dispute in the first place.

I’ve had similar frustrations recently. In-app chat so definitely Monzo staff. A simple question, not satisfactorily answered by any of the 10ish people who have been involved in the conversation.

They offered to raise a complaint, I said no, just answer the original question, they closed the conversation, I asked them to reopen it, they opened a complaint on my behalf despite me asking them not to, I asked them to close it and just answer the question, they said they’d be in touch and I have heard nothing since.

Great bank account in general but customer service is, frankly, dire. Not that the individuals involved aren’t trying, but that customer service as a whole is an absolute shambles.


I did finally get a straightforward answer to the question I asked. It took over a week and involved about a dozen people but we got there in the end. I can’t imagine how much time they waste like that though. It certainly wasted plenty of my time.


Did you get your £30 ‘time wasting bonus’ though? Given how forward thinking and tech first Monzo are you’d have thought they’d just set it up as an automated thing; pissed a customer off? There’s your thirty quid. Of course being efficient in the first place would generally be the goal, but, well, that doesn’t seem like it’s where we’re at, or heading to.

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They opened a complaint despite me asking them not to. I got it cancelled. Should I complain that they opened a complaint against my wishes? :thinking:


That sounds like some bizarre episode of Twilight Zone where someone ends up in a constant spiral of complaints about complaints about complaints until something is actually done correctly and Groundhog Day style the clock ticks over and the chain is broken. :see_no_evil::joy:


I found out when they sent me a final resolution letter, though i didnt raise a complaint.

They sent me pdf telling me it was closed. First i heard of it