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There’s plenty of apps that have been built here -

but I’m not sure that a complete tool is possible yet, given the fact that large parts of Monzo’s API are undocumented & subject to change. Obviously that will no longer be an issue once the bank’s launched & the API’s stabilised (which will be necessary in order to establish integrations with partners).

Since Monzo have said that they’re not intending to build a complete interface in the foreseeable future, I’m not sure why they would choose to favor one 3rd party’s app over another. So I’d expect them to simply leave developers to build on the foundation that they’ve built.

There will be safeguards to ensure that developers can’t misuse Monzo user’s data / account access. Apart from anything else it wouldn’t make for great press if Monzo got that wrong & would get them shut down by the regulator pretty quickly.

I have no problem with third-party integrations but I can’t see the average punter being particularly enamoured with giving rights to send money from their account to any form of unofficial app. Realistically, unless it’s something that’s promoted from the homepage (and therefore likely official) then 99% of people will never discover the service and it’ll remain incredibly niche.

There’s not actually anything Monzo can really do to stop a third-party misusing access granted to a user’s account, other than shut them down pretty rapidly. If a service has the rights to transfer money from the accounts of a large number of users and they regularly transfer money and one day the service is hacked and the code is changed to something malicious then there’s always going to be scope to abuse the access they have.


Lets wait & see how the safeguards work before assuming that users won’t / won’t be able to trust a third party app :slight_smile: as I mentioned, it’s going to be pretty important they do work!

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Hi There! I know I’m a bit late to the convo but I just so happened to stumble across this! I am the guy who made this web banking interface. Right now it’s very basic and will only show transactions and when you click on them a map & details about the transaction but that’s about it. I’d like to be able to offer it to Monzo customers when the API is finalised, as right now the API will only allow my monzo account to login (Limitation of the API right now). I could always release the code on github for people who are savvy enough to setup their own web host and grab their own API keys but for the vast consumer base I’d like to have a pre setup read only web banking UI api permitting down the line :smiley:



Is there an interest in a desktop client? Looking at taking one of the web based clients and adapting for desktop.

I will make this open source and will take pull requests with this too

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There are already a few desktop clients knocking around

Sadly only ones I have found are for mac …


There’s an almost comprehensive list of Monzo apps here, I haven’t been able to check whether there are any for Windows right now though -

Been there, there are none.


A Mac desktop would be really awesome, and would make admin a lot easier for things like downloading bank statements as PDFs, though in the meantime a web interface would be great.

I’m hoping monzo will start to explore the desktop app once they have more time on their hands and current accounts are well underway.

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Given the similarities between the two challengers, I thought it was worth pointing out that Starling don’t plan to build a web app for their users…

Here’s the link that Steve posted there -


their “no but you can write your own” just cracked me up :joy:


and then we will ‘borrow’ it off you afterwards lol


I was away on holiday recently and smashed my phone, resulting in the inability to access my Monzo banking. The main problem was I could no longer top up, so I couldn’t use my card either.

While this was an inconvenience (I had other cards with me) it strikes me as being a potentially big problem if I move all my banking to Monzo when Current Accounts are available.

I’m thinking maybe I’ll have to get another device (a spare iPhone or iPad) and ensure I have this with my on holidays, but do Monzo have any plans to deal with this problem? A web interface perhaps?

i believe a web interface is in the pipeline


Sorry to hear about your phone! We’re looking into building a basic website which will allow people who are unable to access the app to carry out basic functions such as check their balance or reorder a card but this is still in the pipeline.

You can login to the app on one tablet, one iOS and one Android device simultaneously, so I would advise using the spare iPad in the short term if that’s an option!


Okay thanks for the quick response Naji.

Thinking back on my past experiences on holiday one functionality that would be very important in the event of losing access to my phone would be the ability to set up new payments (or change/cancel existing ones). I’ve been on holiday before where I’ve had to set up a new payment and change another (which is why I always carry a card reader with me on holiday).

P.S. off topic but I love the release notes for iOS updates, they sure beat the pants of Facebook, etc. :slight_smile:

Really good point, thanks for this @christiaanb!

haha yep I know @james has a lot of fun with those updates :slightly_smiling_face:


Will there be Monzo online banking app ??

I’ve moved your post here, where you’ll find the latest update from the Monzo team & most of the comments from other users, I hope that helps :slight_smile:

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