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Will Mondo provide online banking access via traditional web browsers or will it only focus on apps ?



At the moment :mondo: is focusing on mobile apps, but :mondo: has an API which can be used by anyone to create one. :slight_smile:


I would really like to see a web version.


Do you believe that people should build their own web interfaces ? and that most people are capable of doing it ?

@jamesallison did a brilliant job in one weekend at the second hackathon:


No, but the reason :mondo: has opened up APIs is to let the community build cool things around :mondo: while they focus on developing the most important aspects of the bank. I don’t know if :mondo: plans to create a web interface later but some people have already did.

@jameshill has a curated list of some of these here

Actually that’s @rdingwall Richard Dingwall’s list

Mine is just a fork (copy) of it, as I needed to make changes to propose to Richard.

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IMHO I wouldn’t trust a website unless its owned by the bank itself. Say a community member provides a web interface on his own webserver. What are the guarantees that the code is not doing other things in the background while calling the official API ? You will be giving him/her full access to your financial data.
And even if someone does an honest job. Say his website gets hacked, who will be accountable ? Do you think a community member will go through all the hassle of PCI and spend a lot of money on auditors ?

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@tristan @tom Can we get Mondo’s official position on the matter please ?

Our top priority right now is developing the Android app. We tend not to make hard-and-fast rules about the future, I’m afraid.


It is worth noting though that right now, Mondo’s OAuth system (which is required to access users’ account data) does not operate entirely openly. Applications which want to allow anyone to log in must be whitelisted. As far as my knowledge goes, very few external applications have been whitelisted (if not zero).

This means that right now, it’s pretty much a non-issue. Mondo have stated they will be doing some work around this in the future, so you can pretty reasonably expect that this will be addressed properly before users are able to authorize applications to access their data.

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I’d also rather see Mondo developing app first over websites imho.

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I really wish you will reconsider in the future. To me -and certainly other people- this is a deal breaker. A full fledged account with budgeting as well as all the other features you expect from it will be much easier to navigate on a large screen.


Whilst I would like to see some form of web service for me it is not a priority as long as I can do everything via the app

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It’s open, you can see every line of code that is executing. If anything mailcious was to happen, you or someone else on the community would find out very quickly.

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You’re mistaking “can build their own interfaces” with “should build their own interfaces”. Anybody can build their own integrations right now, while we wait for Monzo to release an official web app.

If Monzo made an app suitable for tablets as well as phones (e.g. Samsung Tab as well as Samsung phone) we could work with a larger screen without the need for any web access which some people have asked for

As Monzo is readying the launch of the CA, is there any update on the roadmap for a full web app?
I get that Monzo is aiming to be mobile first, but how about web second @tom?
(Sorry if I’ve missed a newer position. There’s a few threads on this)

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I accept that Monzo is still under development in many areas, however I think that a website is one of the most important “applications” & “integrations” that any company can have.

I noticed there was no Monzo web interface when I first joined, therefore I had an idea to build my own based on the API, however it would be nice to have an official web application (website) to access all areas including, viewing transactions. modifying and creating pots, setting up direct debits, downloading items as CSV and other formats, building graphs, and using other features that Monzo API can’t provide developers. ( sending / dealing with money )

Having a website would also allow anyone on any device to register and use Monzo.

Here’s my design, I’m in the process of mocking up the design in HTML before I attempt to integrate using PHP, however, I’m deciding if I should wait for the full a API as I’m aware there may be LOADS of new changes.

I also contacted support and Monzo are expected to be releasing Terms for using the API, and rules to follow. This makes it difficult for me to develop this considering I could be slapped with “You can’t do this this or this”. Let me know your thoughts, if the API Dashboard is something you’d like to see, or if you’d agree that a Website progressive application is somewhat important.

Dashboard (1)


I too would like to see if the stance of Monzo has changed over the months, & I post this here as I’m not wanting to make a whole post, but I think it’s related and a good idea for Monzo to have a web app.

For example, if one day I broke my iPhone completely, and I needed to transfer funds urgently, I can’t do it unless I have access to a an iPhone or Android. Having a web app allows me to log-in on ANY browser and make the changes I need.


Love it! :tada::tada::tada:

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