Web log on for easy card freeze and simple profile actions

@tristan @hugo Having been thinking a lot about how great the ‘freeze card’ feature is on the Mondo app, I started to think about what would happen if—and I hope this doesn’t happen to anyone—someone got mugged and lost their phone and their card at the same time? Technically, and I might be wrong, there’s not a way to freeze the card simply?

A simple profile area via www.getmondo.co.uk would suffice, I don’t think it would have to be a fully fledged web-based version of the app, but a simple log-in to freeze, see previous transactions from the last day etc (to check for fraud) and contact Mondo support?

I don’t know if this is something people think would be helpful, but with your serious level of transparency, it’s great to be able to ask!


Hi @_kejk, that’s a really sensible thing to ask for. Thanks!

Currently, the solution is to send us an email or call the customer support phone number. One of our lovely agents would verify that you are you and then freeze your card in your behalf. It gets the job done but I appreciate it feels a bit too “legacy bank”.

What we have in the roadmap is precisely what you are suggesting, a simple web portal where you can log in using a friend’s phone and you can freeze the card and order a replacement by yourself. Not sure when we’ll build it, but it’s definitely on the list :slight_smile:


Ace! I obviously didn’t spend enough time looking on the Trello board! Really appreciate this transparent approach to business though, it’s SO refreshing to see a company visibly involve its users in the roadmap process.

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