Identity Theft and Scam

(Joell K) #1

Hi everyone and Mondo staff,

I am not sure if this topic fits in this category but worth a try, so here goes.

Firstly I’d like to say a BIG thank you to Mondo and its staff for this great app and furthermore being one of the lucky few to get a card and using the app. I am full time student soon to finish my degree and God willing I get a good grade :grin:

Okay back to the real issue. I am very weary type of person who has been a victim of scamming and fraud in the past, it’s got to the point that I’ve purchased a shredder, but even that wasn’t working as much so I opted just to keep everything in a black bin bag and burn it when I get the chance to (letters, bank statements, credit card application etc)
I am kept up to date with my credit profile (the free version from to which I then get a paid version from Experian for a full priced version to ensure all is up to date and correct, the free version works just as great after trying a few on the Internet from different companies) now i am aware that Mondo has the ability to freeze the card if it was to get lost or stolen especially since it uses contactless, however if in any case someone had lost their card and in the event phone died or went underground by train or in an area no signal can be picked up, with today’s technology scammers can gather information with there gadgets less time than it takes for a delivery from the Chinese shop ( if delivered by car takes a bit longer but by Deliveryroo bit faster lol) to be honest it takes a lot quicker to make a copy of the card but I am sure you get my drift. Moreover what I am trying to say is if the money lost from any situation would we be covered or insured from Mondo or not? Furthermore would information be leaked from the card ? I am aware that the precautions and steps have been exercised to the highest quality and all but I just want to make sure that’s all.
None the less I noticed that the card does not have account number or sort code of any such which is amazing no doubt but the long sixteen digit on the front is that classed as a precaution in regards to anyone could note that down and use it or not?

In conclusion to my long story, all I want to put out there that everyone to be careful and vigilant especially in places which you can be easily distracted and loose either your belongings or cards. More so for everyone to keep on top of all these scammers which are being developed constantly, especially in machines at train stations which have card readers ( Most common type of scam because you and I are too busy trying to purchase a ticket or top up oyster and not hold up the queue that we forget to check when inserting cards) commonly known to steal informations.

All in all everybody should be extra vigilant of what it being thrown out to the bin as well as covering pins and checking cash machines on anything which may be suspicious.

Stay safe everyone and the Mondo Team.

Ps. Watch shows such as secrets of the scammers online to get an idea of what I am trying to explain.

(Josh Bray) #2

At the moment the accounts are simply prepaid cards. Which would mean that it would be down to the company who shares their banking licence with mondo to deal with credit scores and fraud. Mondo could refund your no but without a banking licence they can’t affect your credit file.

I think this is the case. Not 100% though.

PS Halifax offer a free credit checking service which is an upgraded version of noddle.

(Joell K) #3

Thanks for your reply and input, it means a lot to me.
I hope to get a confirmation from Mondo regarding that information which you mentioned and wasn’t sure of and hopefully that can clear up a few things.

I don’t bank with Halifax but will keep that in mind, otherwise I’ll carry on using clear score.

More importantly I just want share and let others know about how to be safe online :slight_smile:

(Josh Bray) #4

Yeah I do too. It’s quite important.
For the Halifax credit checker you don’t need to bank with them to access it. It’s a free service.

(Joell K) #5

I agree 100%
Oh in that case I shall apply for it and see what the comparison is with my report from clearscore.

Thanks for that :+1:

(Josh Bray) #6

No problem. I use it quite a bit. As it includes the service “noddle improve” which gives you things that might be impacting your score.

Just going to say I’m slightly biased as I work for Lloyds banking group. But it’s still a good service


I’m one of the few at this early stage who are not at the forefront of the tech industry - I work in retail mostly stacking shelves. If I think this is a dumb thread then that probably means everyone else did too and were too smart to be reeled in to justifying it with a reply.

No offense intended - I think you meant this in good faith. But please sign up with atom bank, starling or tandem instead. They are really desperate for some valuable input such as this to get some/any sort of product out.

Good luck with your studies and I hope you manage to stay secure with you prepaid accounts.

(Josh Bray) #8

I’m not quite sure what you mean by that?

(Andrew Ross) #9

I thought this was.a valid query re the security of Mondo accounts. Can’t say that I’m at the forefront of technology (I’m a teacher) but I found it a good question and looking forward to the discussion raised.

(Josh Bray) #10

As was I. Considering my job involves the Financial services Regulator, I wanted to see how mondo plans this

(Joell K) #11

Would just like to say thank you to everyone who has made an input within this matter, security is one thing I take very seriously for myself and fellow friends and family as well as insuring the Mondo community is also aware of it too.
Mondo is forever making improvements for the future and looking for ideas and suggestions and I believe every and any suggestion is also something to consider, it’s the little things which can make a difference.

(Joell K) #12

Thanks for the suggestion, and apologies for the late reply.
P.s out of Llyods and Tsb who is the better banking group :wink:

(Josh Bray) #13

No worries.
I’m going to sound so baised but I prefer Lloyds banking group. :wink::sunglasses:
Atm tsb are a bit of a pain at work😐