We’re improving international transfers, powered by Wise 🌍

Hey everyone :wave:

Here’s a community exclusive for you :eyes:

In the coming weeks, you’ll start to see an all-new international transfers experience, powered by Wise (formerly TransferWise)!

We’ve rebuilt the flow from the ground up, so it’s easier to use. On the surface, there’s a whole new design, and we’ve made some changes under the hood to make the experience smoother too.

Here’s a sneaky peak at what’s changing:

Totally transparent quotes

We’ve rebuilt the quote screen! Now you can tap either the pound or foreign currency fields, so you can choose how much you send or how much the recipient receives. We’ve also moved this screen so you see it sooner – as soon as you tap ‘international transfer’ in the Monzo app. And now the numbers update in real-time – making it even easier and quicker to compare how much you’ll spend to send.

You can now save payees

Instead of having to enter payee details fresh every time, now you can save payees for next time.

It’s easier to find

We’ve moved where you can find international transfers. Before, you had to tap “bank transfer”, then find “international transfer” on that screen. Now, it’s right in the “Pay” section.

Download a PDF receipt

Once you’ve made the payment, it’ll appear in your Feed. Just tap the transaction, and you’ll see an option to download your receipt. Simple.

This’ll be available for everyone in July

And as part of the changes, we’re now using the same ‘fast and easy’ fee you see on Wise’s website, so it’ll always be the same price as sending through Wise using their ‘fast and easy’ service. We share revenue from transfers you make with Wise.

We’re looking for some community testers!

Before it’s available to everyone, we’d love for some of you to try it out, let us know what you think and root out some bugs. If you make international transfers in Monzo and would like to give it a try, let me know in a DM!


It looks so great and so much better, it’s a shame I have no need to do any international payments, but I know those who do will appreciate it so much! :star_struck:


It’s nice to see those :monzo: improvements :blush:

Still, why :monzo: does rely on 3rd party service provider as Wise :question:

I see Wise more as a competitor than a service provider to :monzo: :thinking:

I think Wise will strive for a UK bank licence too in a nearly future :smirk:

Have only sent a few international payments in the last few years but this is very welcome. Looks really nicely implemented.


A Mondo Monzo TransferWise Wise merger would actually make a lot of sense.


There’s no way Monzo could match the low rates of a dedicated provider like Wise who handle a high volume of international transfers. I’m glad they’re tightly integrating Wise into the app and not focusing their energy making a substandard in-house international transfer service.

@jackcully, this looks fantastic, and exactly what was needed! I’ve not been able to use the existing integration because of its limitations, but I’d definitely use this. Thanks for sharing. :grin:


I am very interested in this - does this mean that I will finally have an IBAN for my Monzo account too?


My goodness, at last!! Thank you.


Yep, selfishly, this is my biggest interest on this topic. When is Monzo getting an IBAN? It’s been being “worked on” for several years.


I’m afraid we don’t have any more news about Monzo-bound IBANs at the moment, Sorry!


Thank you :pray:

Do you think we’d get to a point where the summary screen shown in the last image can be shown when a transfer is initiated outside of the app?

As an example, we use a Monzo Business account, and we have a Wise account.
If we’re doing international transfers, it’s often less error-prone to do them via the Wise WebUI.
Twould be great to see more info about the transfer, rather than “pispxxxxxxxxx”

Finally! And thank you! This looks to be a very impressive update. Largely because international payments in Monzo right now absolutely suck, and this looks like it doesn’t suck. :+1:

Any plans to go beyond this and do some in-house solution for speedy and cheap/free Monzo to Monzo international payments between the US and U.K.? That would be cool. Until then, cash app will still be king for me in this department.


In case anyone missed it…… I sent an international transfer with Wise yesterday and was pleased to see their Open Banking integration with Monzo.

This meant that I was able to put all the details of the transfer in via web, and then simply authorize the Open Banking / Monzo connection and the transfer was made :raised_hands:t4:


Just tested international payment :pound: :arrow_forward: :euro:

Sent £70 to Lithuania :lithuania:
Service fee was included £0.44

Payment arrived within a few seconds :star_struck:
Not sure, it was a perfect timing or payments to/from :eu: became very quick :airplane:

:euro: to my Lithuanian account were sent from TransferWise BE account :belgium:

Minutes after the transaction was executed, :monzo: still shows status as “waiting”


I tapped to make another test international transfer and noticed that previous addressee details were NOT saved :see_no_evil:

It should be automatically saved every time I transfer someone money :earth_africa:

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It’s not been rolled out yet, it says in the coming weeks

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Can I ask, did your Lithuanian account charged you extra for receiving from GB ?
Because of Brexit I have had charges on bank accounts in Spain when I transfer from the UK :pensive:

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No, it didn’t as the payment arrived in € :euro:

Wise converted it before sending out (my previous printscreen shows exchange rate) :wink:


What I did was I have an Euro account with Starling and send it from it to my friend’s bank account in Spain and what a shock! their bank said that because of Brexit they will charge a % of the incoming amount as it came outside of the EU (the incoming amount was in Euros!) but just because the Starling bank IBAN starts on GBxxxxx then the Spanish bank charged the % and a minimum of 18 Euros. I was fuming and embarrassed.