Very bad user experience around international transfers

Hi there,

First of all, thanks all for your hard work. I’ve been a very happy and loyal customer for over 2 years now and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Monzo to any of my friends looking for a new bank, and I think what you do and the way you guys do it is amazing.

I’m one of the 6.2 million British residents with a non-UK nationality, and one of the 3.7 millions EU citizens living in the UK (source). As such, and, I believe, just like many people in those numbers, I often have to send money abroad - in my case it’s to pay back my student loan, as well as helping a family member back in my home country.

Now, when it comes to transferring money to a UK account in Monzo, it’s so smooth and almost futuristic : I add the recipient as a payee (if that’s not already been done), I enter the amount, make it recurrent if needed, and that’s it.

But when I need to do a monthly transfer to an account outside of the UK, I need to:

  1. Manually write down their name
  2. Enter an amount of money and change it as many time as it takes for the conversion to end up with the right amount in the recipient’s currency
  3. Manually write down their 11 character-long BIC code and their 27 character-long IBAN
  4. Set an alarm on my phone or on a calendar so I don’t forget to do it all over again the next month, if I need to make it recurrent

This is a painstakingly long and rough process, with no automation available, and contrasts rather shockingly with the experience of doing the same operation but with an account that’s within the UK as the recipient. Currently I need to go through all this process at least twice a month, if I don’t forget about it, while paying my rent happens almost magically by itself using a scheduled transfer to one of my saved payees. Especially since Monzo integrates transparently with Wise, which does implement a similar UX around transfers and automation as Monzo’s same-country transfers when using Wise’s apps, so from a user’s pov it just looks like I’m missing out on very useful features by using Monzo.

On top of that it’s a worry for my security because having to manually type down long codes increases tenfold the likelihood of making a typo or mistake and sending the money to the wrong person.

To make my life much easier, here are three features I’d like to see in Monzo around international bank transfers:

  • Saving the details of an international bank account in my account’s payees (name, BIC code and IBAN)
  • Expressing the amount I’d like to transfer in the recipient account’s currency
  • Scheduling recurring international bank transfers

Is there any work planned in this area, and does anyone at Monzo know when I should be expecting such features to land?

If you have a search there’s a lot of topics about international transfers, but there’s been no update from Monzo recently and it’s not something (that I’ve seen) that they’ve said they are working on. It doesn’t appear to be a priority when it’s something that will be used by a small amount of people.

This thread has 23 votes, but it’s a long way down the list of requested features by forum members:

EDIT: now 24 votes :wink:

I’m sure I read somewhere that Business accounts were getting improvements with regards international payments, so perhaps that will bleed-through to personal accounts…?


Thanks both, I’m not sure why my searches yielded no result, my bad.

Too bad it doesn’t seem like a priority, I love Monzo but if transferring money isn’t fully supported I’m not sure how I can continue using it as a bank.

Ah yeah that’d be great for sure.

Right after the webview I’d imagine



Is Revolut not an option transferring money from Monzo is pretty seamless? You can even link your Monzo account so you pull the money from there and top up your Revolut account.

By the looks of it you might be waiting a while for improvements

Probably, so is Wise, but I’d rather have Monzo feature proper transfer support, which I believe a proper bank should :confused:

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Out of interest, why not just use the Wise app for making international transfers? It can pull the money from your Monzo account, so it’s a pretty slick process. I don’t think you’ll find any UK bank app that offers rates and an interface as good as the Wise app for international transfers. Probably best to use each app for its strengths.

Possibly, I didn’t know you could pull money from your Monzo account from Wise’s app. Though as a more permanent thing it’d be preferable for the Wise integration in Monzo’s app to include this kind of useful features rather than just the bare functional minimum.

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I used this once last year and it was great, felt like living in the future!

You don’t have exciting visions of the future, do you?

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I’ve always wondered why people kind of doze off when I’m talking to them…


Count yourself lucky they wait until you start talking :joy:

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I’m not sure about the third one, but the first two are easily solved by using Wise directly.

Monzo have never given any indication that they are actively working on improving international transfers.


Agreed would really like these 3 features.