Show True Balance

Monzo seems to hide my real balance, instead showing a false balance minus “pending” charges.

I would suggest the ability to turn this off.

I think you have the concepts back to front. Monzo is showing you your “real” balance, the balance you actually have access to and are able to use. The “fake” balance would be what you are asking for, a balance that includes money you are not currently able to use.

Out of interest, what is the reason you would like to see your balance with the value of any pending outgoing transactions included?


This is the true balance in the account.

I do not care if I have “access” to the money or not until it has left my account.

If the money is in my account, even if held.

If I really need to know how much money I have “access to” I can do the math in my head.

How do I downvote an idea?


What is the benefit of seeing the money you have access to unless you are going to empty the account?

You may, and some people do, make purchases that are bigger than you can realistically afford since your balance is showing an value inflated by money that won’t be there in x amount of time.

Monzo shows the money that is actually available to the customer, allowing them to more easily make accurate budgeting decisions.

But the app could show both?

I guess I figured most people would know how much money they had.

If the money is ‘held’ then you don’t have access to it. So the ‘fake’ balance you are describing we currently have, sounds like it is the ‘true’ balance.

Can’t see why you would want to see money that you can’t use, or budget against.

Can you give an example of the use case?


Balance indicates the money is in the account balance does not = access to money.

I have money in savings pots, it does not mean I have access to it.

Alot of my pending charges are reversed, therefore it gives me a greater idea of what is actually in the account, and what will be at the end of the month.

My biggest gripe with my previous bank was that the balance didn’t take into account pending activity (usually card transactions). Monzo provide real time updates to the balance and this is much better for me so I know exactly how much I have to spend without having to think about possible pending transactions.


Are you going to spend more than 80% of your balance at once??

No, but some people may make purchases that could put their overall budget in jeopardy because they think they have more money left than they actually do.

But if you have spent the money, you would remember no?

That doesn’t necessarily mean that you know how much money you actually have available.


How so?

It’s a no from me too :slightly_frowning_face:

It would cause confusion and too many issues.


Not always. I’ll give you an example. I made purchases on an Easter weekend which has the Friday and Monday bank holiday plus the 2 weekend dates plus the couple of days building up tot eh Friday which hadnt yet cleared… Some of those transactions didn’t debit the account for over a week.

But what is the benefit of having that money deducted from the balance?

I hate the whole pending balance, balance and available funds crap that other banks do


Maybe it is because I spend so much time in the US where the pending charges from: fuel, restaurants, hotels, etc. Would sew things in a negative way.

When I fill up my car there are two pending charges, one to release the the pump, the other for the actual fuel. The first might be pending for a month. Why would I want that deducted from my balance so long?

Restaurants also double charge too. First for the cost of the food, second to food plus the waiters wages. This would result in a £45 night out showing twice for up to a month.

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