We cannot offer you a Monzo account at this moment

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Hello there

My name is Rayan Banoun I was part of Monzo users until something happened, I just received my card and I was very happy to have it because it’s my first bank account I made. But then something’s happened, I don’t know who signed up with my card at university and the university asks for payment 500$ which I didn’t have this much in my account. I reached out to them after I saw the payment declined in the first time with no response the day after that they took 300$ I reached out to them again with no respond and chat with customer service in Monzo and they have tried to solve my problem and they didn’t believe me that wasn’t me. After that the university responded and told me they will refund the payment after I told the customer service in Monzo they close my account without any explanation and they refused to talk to me.

Please I want to create a new account, I’m a freelancer and I need a bank account to receive my payment on it, I’m a libyan citizen I don’t have much choices.

Please accept my apology this is my first bank account and I’m not aware of terms and conditions.

Thank you


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There is nothing that anyone on here can do.

You will need to telephone the number on the back of your card or email them help@monzo.com


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I tried but there’s no response


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We can’t help on the forum. Keep trying.

I’d also speak to the university, presuming they took more than just bank details, they’d have other details of the person who used your account??


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I’m presuming from this passage that Monzo aren’t going to offer you an account any time soon. They’ll have reached this decision for a reason, but people here can only speculate as to what the reason may be.

If you need a bank account for your freelance activities, there are other banks. Monzo do not offer business banking outside of a small trial group at the moment.


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Monzo is a British bank supposed to be used in the UK (although cards could be dispatched worldwide).
You are based in Libya and trying to use it to pay in USD. This might be the reason why they took the decision not to grant you an account. Also the fact you want to use it as a business account might have influenced their choice.
I advise you to seek for more local banking options, or purpose-made international accounts.


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Did you ever give your card number, or your bank account number to anyone else?


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Might be the reason why this isn’t working…

07 https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/financial-sanctions-libya


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If you’re desperate, just sign up for a starling bank account or a revolut account, they’re all basically the same thing…


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They’ll probably have the same problem as I mentioned above… :face_with_monocle:

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So if they’re all the same then he will get rejected on them all and cripple his credit score at the same time :thinking:

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