We are talking about Monzo on the French in London community

Hi Guys,

You have a great product, we wrote an article about you in French here :

Let us know if you have French speaker who could improve it / tweak it or other we could turn the article in a wiki for you guys to be able to participate.

Kind regards


Intéressant !

Une petite clarification / a small clarification: it’s a sort code, not a short code (although it is, bien sûr, short :wink:)

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Ouppss, bien vu, nous l’avons corrigé

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I always thought that:
Code Guichet is the Sort Code
Code Banque is the BIC Code

I admit I have no idea, I just went through the article with Google Translate and ignored the obvious GT errors (“An insane application installed and the eventual past queue”).

Google Translate in action:

“A fools the installed application and the possible queue passed” Elan Languages

There is a grammatical error (missing bracket, maybe a missing comma or such) that messes the translation of the paragraph. The portion itself is fine.