Unnecessary language choice on British ATMs [Prepaid Beta]


So I used Monzo to take cash out of ATM today. It was Halifax ATM to be precise.
I didn’t encounter any problems, but first thing ATM asked me was to choose language. Second, it informed me that my card issuer might charge me for this transaction.
Obviously I didn’t get charged any additional fees, but my point is that it seems like ATMs in the UK think that Monzo is a foreign card.

That’s it from me.

ATMs that charge a fee
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An Austrian banks ATM in Kirchberg did the same to me - don’t think its unique to Halifax :slight_smile:

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Happened to me also in a few machines


I think this has happened with my Metro card also

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Having the same issue on pretty much all ATM’s i tried so far, I remember Natwest and a local ATM next door where two of them.

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Every ATM i’ve used with Monzo has thrown up either the charge, language choice or more commonly both. Can get a bit annoying, but hopefully it’ll go when the pre-paid cards are replaced with proper debit cards

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Sure thing. I recommended mozno to my parents and they got a bit scared when they saw the potential fee notice. It might throw some people off.

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As far I know, every user of an ATM that charges a fee will see that message - it’s a charge that’s applied by the ATM provider, not Monzo. But in my experience, I haven’t been charged the fee which seems to be (I’m not 100% sure about this) a benefit of the Monzo cards being prepaid cards.


The ATM clearly said that they fee MAY be charged by the card issuer, not halifax. Obviously a false-positive, but a bit annoying.

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Isn’t that just the case with all ATM’s with Monzo as it detects the card as essentially, a credit card? :expressionless:

Didn’t see this message above :rolling_eyes: :see_no_evil:

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Yeah I see the charge part on all ATM’s that are in places like corner shops or standalone 3rd parties but I have never been charged it, this also applies to my mastercard debit where i do get charged.

As far I was aware Mondo are taking the hit for these charges at the moment?

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I’ve asked, in the developer’s Slack community but the question wasn’t picked up :pensive:

My other guess is that the providers might not be able to / might choose not to charge the cards because they’re prepaid & there might be balance issues or issues with tourists but I don’t know for sure.


"The fee is 17p per transaction from a branch ATM and 12p for a balance enquiry."
Source: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-38684548

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Thanks but that’s not the charge we’re talking about - we’re discussing the charge that’s applied by the ATM provider which is usually ~£1.50 - rather than that charge which Monzo does absorb.

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That is the charge which this thread was originally discussing. However, I think the charge notice that @ProTofik and @Wheetoz are referring to is the one which all ATMs present (sometimes proceeded by a language choice), as they see that the Monzo card isn’t a ‘proper’ debit card, and treat it like a non-UK/credit card.

This charge notice can be disregarded, because the charge is at the discretion of the card issuer. It’s the same notice you’d see if using a foreign debit card in a UK ATM. But for people that don’t understand what’s going on, it can be confusing/unsettling. Of course, this is purely a beta issue.

Edit: Just saw this thread, which confirms my suspicions above. @alexs, I think the confusion has arisen because you split some posts off from the thread about Monzo cards being treated as ‘foreign’? I’m not sure they belong here, as this thread is about fee-charging ATMs (a minority in the UK), not ATMs that detect the Monzo card as ‘foreign’ and put up a notice that a fee may be charged by the card issuer (in my experience, all ATMs in the UK!).

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I understood, and I may be wrong, that apart from the Link service fee, there is an additional charge for inter-bank cash withdrawals, i.e. for using other bank’s ATM.

If I use a Santander ATM with my Halifax card, Santander charge Halifax a fee; because why would they have to worry about supplying Halifax customers’ with a service? As I understand, these fees are mostly covered by banks in UK, but in other countries, if you don’t use your bank’s ATMs, you will get hit with fees.

Do these “You may be charge by your provider” notices not apear on any ATM of a bank of which has not supplied the introduced card?

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Yes & that’s the fee that @ProTofik has mentioned. But until that post, we were discussing the fee that the user’s alerted about (users don’t see a message about fees, just because they’re using another bank’s ATM AFAIK) or I was anyway :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the heads up, I didn’t realise that this scenario was different from your corner shop’s provider charging you a fee to use their ATM :see_no_evil:

So I’ve moved the posts back to this topic now.


If you are lucky! recently all machines I have used have a £1.75-1.99 charge


Peesonally I think all ATMs should show the language menus for all cards (debit, credit, charge and prepay) and not just for credit/prepay