Status of the Android app vs the iOS app

(Amper Sand) #1

Without all the fancy functionality on iOs app, Android app really feels unloved. I like my card but I like my Android phone too :frowning:

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(Si) #2

Yes why I went back to the iPhone … very frustrating…

(Rika Raybould) #3

I can assure you the Android app is getting plenty of love, the iOS app has just had over a year longer in development time!

To be slightly more serious, it wasn’t that many weeks ago that the Android app was nothing more than a login screen with a balance. It has come a long way in very little time.

Once the two apps reach parity, it’s sounding like they will be kept as equal as reasonably possible.

(Amper Sand) #4

I totally understand that. It’s not only Monzo, it’s all the apps I want to use (like moneybox app). I am just hoping since the backend is already developed for iOS, it would be faster to implement those for Android.


Spare a thought for Windows phone users waiting for an app :sob:

(Amper Sand) #6

:grin: I feel for you


Personally I have an iPhone in a cupboard that I hate and waited until Android app came before using my card

(Andy Little) #8

It does irritate me a little, but then I remember that the difference in price between what I paid for my android and what a colleague paid for his iPhone was almost enough to cover my flights to Tokyo and back next year.

That extra money has to come with some benefit for iPhone users, doesn’t it?

(Leon) #9

Nope! Lol :stuck_out_tongue:

(Jose Cardoso) #10

Slightly less explosive phones. :smirk:

(Andy Little) #11

I’ve been on android for years and never had a phone explode! I’d say more things but I don’t want to trigger the android vs apple war.

(Jose Cardoso) #12

Fair enough. And yet amusingly all of the recent top tier Android phones cost the same or in some cases more than Apple’s current range. Perception is everything.

(Andy Little) #13

Yeah, the price gap isn’t what it used to be. It’s just a case of them charging what they can, that’s why I’m happy that oneplus are offering decent phones quite cheap.


and Blü are good value

(Herp Derp) #15

It’s not call Blandroid for nothing.


I’d really like to a see a feature matrix published. I’ve just started using Mondo on Android and whilst I know the app will improve and will become more feature rich I probably would have not bothered if I had realised just how basic it is at present.

Spend analysis and budgeting were my reason for going with Mondo as my current back is archaic when it comes to reporting but at present neither are really possible on Android.

Looking forward to updates to make it more useful!

(Alex Sherwood) #17

You can sort of figure out the gaps based on the roadmap, although Targets for Android isn’t listed…

(Ash Kierans) #18

I have to use one for work…

Our IT team asked me about a good Android Emulator to test out a new app on, and I recommended accordingly. I asked them about an app for the Windows Phones they issue us with…

The guy laughed, and said he thought they’d gone the way of the Dodo…:joy:

(Ray Lee) #19

and less bendy than iPhones… :wink:

(Jose Cardoso) #20

2014 is calling for you Ray. :wink: