Way to Reunite a Bank Card

Wouldn’t be able to do this with Monzo!


Haha, have done this before. Great thinking!

Why is it that Monzo don’t print the account number?

Probably just because it’s not necessary and better security. NatWest/RBS don’t bother doing it either.

I admit I do miss it sometimes.

If only so I can lose my card and gain 4p.


Marginal security by obscurity vs irritating inconvenience. I have been really annoyed and wasted a lot of time from Natwest not doing it over the last few years. I’ve never had anyone set up a DD without my permission before.

I think most customers given the choice would have the account number on there. In fact, why not give us the option?

I’m not all that bothered about the account number on the card as I rarely use physical cards.

That being said on my Barclays account I’ve had 3 unauthorised DD’s set up. Once to set up an insurance policy in my name at a different address and twice bizarrely to eBay. I’m certain they didn’t get the account info from my card so it’s likely on the dark web somewhere and been leaked from someone.

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The best thing to do with a found card is just to destroy it so no one can commit any fraud. Sending messages via bank transfer is super creepy!

I asked a question to a COp about what kind of phone calls they get and they said a lot of them are random people who found a card and calling to report it has been found.

Waste of everyone’s time really, although it is good of them to be concerned about someone else’s loss.


For a lost card, I agree! However, in this case where the whole wallet was lost I’d be grateful if someone went out of the way to reunite it with me (with it containing things other than credit/debit cards which are easy to cancel and replace).


Meh if they want to send me money go for it.

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Even worse, they may have withheld the wallet unless given a reward

I have found and returned 6 debit cards into the bank branches by now.

Twice retrieved my debit card from a bank branch returns.

I hope there is unique code on the card and one can like twit to Monzo without being a customer. However, returns are harder without brick and mortar branches.

It bothers you? Why?


Can’t i just find it creepy?

£9.67 Tesco
£25.00 Gym
£137.45 Council Tax
0.01 I’ve found your bank card, send me 1p back if you want to see it again
£5.97 McDonalds


What did you get from McDonalds?

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The horror!

Edited for you :laughing:

Haha I agree.

I’d have blocked the card long before all that and a replacement would be on the way. It’s much safer and simpler. :relieved:

How do you know the finder hasn’t written down your CVV and details to use in a few weeks time too.

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The account number and sort code wouldn’t be blocked, though.

It’s more to do with reuniting the wallet and owner. The wallet might be valuable, and there might be non financial stuff in it (photos, business cards etc).


Yeah I’d still cancel the cards. They’d still be able to send me FP unless I close the account.

The good thing is I’ll have all my other wallet stuff back which is worth a crapload of money and time/hassle.