Monzo contact information

Hi, is there not a phone number I can contact someone through

There is, on the back of your card.

I feel like a muppet lol :see_no_evil: thanks

It’s really unobvious to look there to be fair, you wont be the first to miss that

Thanks for making me feel slightly better :blush:

There is a phone number. Whether you’ll be able to contact someone is another matter though. People in this community reporting it doesn’t get answered.

Good luck.

Except that every single bank card I’ve ever been issued in 30 years has had a phone number printed on it.

Anecdotally, whenever I’ve rung Monzo, no one has ever answered the phone. I don’t believe it’s a proper customer service channel.

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I can bring you back down again by saying it would have been quicker to Google it :stuck_out_tongue:

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There’s bizarrely a 5 minute cut off time if your calls not been answered. I’m not sure why.

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I rang them and while the guy was super polite, basically his answer to everthing was “I’ve raised it with a specialist, they’ll get back to you via chat”

Their phone service is seat warmers, bascially…


I can imagine the naughty people in the CS team get put on phone duty as a punishment :rofl:

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I don’t think I have ever seen a card without a number on the back for my entire adult life? That said, it is question that comes up regularly. On balance I think Monzo are right not to publish the number anywhere else or they would be inundated with calls.

Gotta hit those KPI’s somehow!

Joking, of course.

Plenty of companies do it - calls answered (by a message) vs calls answered (by an agent).

Those sorts of places (not saying Monzo is one of them) just look at calls answered.

I will say that chopping the line after a few minutes is not good behaviour though.

I once worked support in a small company where the target was all calls should be answered in under 60 seconds.

Even one call over the 60 second mark was, by the MD’s standards, unacceptable, even if it was just two of us manning support for 300+ stores. So it was always fun on days where Verifone’s service would go down and every single store would call at the same time and there’d only be at most four of us to answer them.

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