Wave hand to cover numbers?

Hey guys! First post here. Been a user of Monzo now for a few months and super happy with it! I have switched all my bills and even salary over. Love it!

Anyway, just one feature request which im not sure is in the pipeline or been suggested?

I tried out a few banks before Monzo including N26 (didn’t like them at all but that’s another story) However there was one featute in their app I was thought was cool. Basically you wave your hand in front of the device and all the numbers and digits fuzz out so if someone is over you shoulder you can hide your details. A simple wave again and everything is back. :slight_smile:

Anyone seen this? Would love this feature to be in the Monzo app.

Anyway keep up the great work guys!


Is it the transaction amounts and account balance etc. that get blurred?
I don’t see this as being too useful IMO. If I feel like someone’s looking at what I’m doing over my shoulder I would just lock my phone, I feel like you would look a bit stupid if you started waving your hand across your screen in the middle of the tube or something :joy:

That being said, It would be cool to have if you wanted to show off the app to people. I don’t think the gesture is necessary though, a toggle in the setting somewhere would work just as well.

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Or home button :grin: