Privacy Options for the App

(Hugo Cornejo) #1

That’s really useful to know and something we’ve been thinking a bit. We’re trying to answer to “How do I show Monzo to a friend without letting them know how much I’m paid?”. Things like jars and post will help (since you can move money out of your main account) but won’t remove the problem completely (people could still see your salary payment).

Any suggestions are welcomed :slight_smile:

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(Darren Phipson) #2

@hugo A suggestion for ‘hiding’ things would be to allow transactions to be marked as Private and to allow things such as Balance or Spent Today to be marked Private as well. Then have a Private Mode option in Settings which, if selected, would blur/otherwise hide those items marked as Private.

(Hugo Cornejo) #3

That’s really cool. We’ll give it a thought. Many thanks :heart:

(Herp Derp) #4

Too complicated, I would only show the first screen like I have on here before or show say 8 transactions.

A simple blur is all that is needed

With regards to hiding things these are my other posts


Is it possible to activate/deactivate “discreet mode” using some relevant finger/hand gesture? Sometimes we might be overlooked as mentioned above, or quickly want to show someone else a transaction, and don’t want to dig into settings first.

We’d have to make sure it worked on iOS too, and not just Android, so those folk don’t feel left out :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Rather than a discreet mode what about a “demo mode” with completely fake transactions & balance? Plus you can have ways to trigger notifications and stuff.

How to 'show off' the current account?
(Tom ) #7

I mentioned this on the Monzo Slack recently. I wondered whether current accounts would actually have an adverse affect on Monzo’s growth. IE: People would be more hesitant to show Monzo off to their friends, as they don’t want people knowing how much their salary is.

(Jolin) #8

I was going to suggest precisely this. 1Password do this, so you can show it off to people, without giving out any details.

How to 'show off' the current account?
(Colin Robinson) #9

Now that I’ve moved just about everything across to :monzo: I’m a bit wary of showing others how it works due to the live data showing when I’ve just been paid - I’m not that rich really as the mortgage doesn’t go out until the 1st.

Are there any plans to build a demo mode so that we can show others how great it is?

(Frank) #10


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(Herp Derp) #11

I have asked this multiple times and even asked to blur/hide balances but to no avail.

I no longer speak about Monzo now because of this,

(Herp Derp) #13

How do you know I haven’t :open_mouth:

(Jolin) #14

I agree, I think a demo mode is necessary. There’s been some discussion of this in the past:

(Simon B) #15

I think this is a great point. I know in the past I’ve often demonstrated how the app works to a friend or family member, but people would hesitate if a recent transaction was their salary.

(Danny) #16

Just wanna +1 this. Now that I’m on the current account it feels a little vulgar/unsafe having my balance in size 200 font at the top left of my screen every time I open the app. (p.s. this problem only exists for a few days after payday :blush:). Just a quick toggle, that saves it’s state each time I open the app would be lovely.

(Stephen Spencer) #17

Ditto, but I’ve chucked my vulgar savings into a pot, which reduces the balance on the home screen.

After a few transactions push the “Vulgarity, £1bn added to pot” line item off screen, that is!


A solution is to just spend all your money ASAP after payday. Works just fine for me. :joy:

(Steve Hamblet) #19

My suggestion would be to have a demo mode available when we’re logged out of the app.

No need for any complicated settings. You can fill the demo with made up data and animations that look like the real thing to demonstrate features.


A demo mode where a prospective customer can just download the app and have a play around with test data would be awesome and be much easier to introduce people to Monzo. Personally I have to let them use my phone but that’s obviously not ideal (I personally don’t care but some people might not be ok with letting someone else look at their banking history).

(Dom) #21

So I’m actually looking for someone suggesting the same as I’m thinking but this comes close!
What I want is:
When I add money to a pot, it lists that transfer in my list.
I don’t want that transfer to show in my history for one main reason;
The reason I’ve moved it is because I don’t want to see it so I’m less likely to spend it.
Essentially what I’m proposing is a kind of “stealth pot”.
You add money to it with a tickbox below saying "Do you wish to record this transaction?"
If it isn’t ticked, it isn’t displayed.

Is that possible or does it make sense?