🍎 Watch Apple Pay with Worldpay card terminals

A small cafe in Crewe has a full on Worldpay POS with tablet, card reader, cash register, etc. Their card reader used to be mostly white, but as of a few weeks ago, they got a black one. Since that change, I’ve been unable to use my Apple Watch (series 3) to pay, with the reader erroring saying “present one card at a time”. It works fine with my card and my phone, it seems to be just the watch that it doesn’t like. Has anyone else experienced this, with Worldpay or otherwise? I want to check if it’s a problem elsewhere before I try and get hold of Worldpay and/or Apple.

How close is your phone to your watch when you try this? Possible it’s picking up both?

I have a vague memory of reading about this elsewhere, occasionally prompting Apple Wallet on your watch triggered it on your phone (in your pocket) and so the card reader senses two ‘cards’??


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My phone was on the other side of the room, a few meters away…

Hmmm very unlikely then! Weird.

I had this error days when using ApplePay at a supermarket (not a Worldpay system), and it seemed to be because I had moved my phone away too quickly. Once the assistant reset the payment process, I was prompted again and ApplePay worked fine. Maybe you’re moving the watch away too quickly?

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Different error, sadly. I have had the same thing happen when moving the card or device away quickly. In this case, I hold my watch there until I hear the “beep” and the four lights go.

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