Apple pay on apple watch not working with new joint card

I received yesterday the new joint card with the new design and added it to apple pay on both the iPhone and the apple watch. The payments through the iPhone are working correctly but when I try to pay using my apple watch the card machine replies with: “card not supported”. The other cards on the apple watch are working correctly and I also tried to delete and add the card back but with the same result.

Any idea?

Hmmm that’s odd especially after deleting and adding again. Are you using the watch app?

I am. I received the card yesterday and tried to use it today.
I’ll try to use it again in the next days and I’ll report back, but it is odd indeed.

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Yeah not sure what’s going on there especially if it works on your phone. If still not working raise it via in-app chat

Please do this if you can’t get it working!


Already done, thanks. I’ll keep you posted on this thread.


Any luck with this? Support couldn’t really help me with this and asked me to contact Apple as they couldnt see a request at their end

oh, so I’m not the only one with this problem. Great.
Not yet. I’ll try tomorrow.

Got mine working now. Deleted the app and then used the app to add the card to Apple Pay. This added it to my phone and watch at the same time

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I had to remove all the cards from my apple watch and iPhone and add them back again. I’ll keep trying in the next few days if the issue is actually solved.