Apple Watch Series 4 on the Tube

I have an odd one. My Apple Watch Series 4 often takes multiple tries to authenticate Apple Pay with Monzo at the tube barrier. Sometimes failing altogether anyone have a similar issue?

I’ve seen this mentioned a bunch on here, and on Reddit. It sounds like sometimes the Watch NFC just doesn’t work as reliably as the phone does. So definitely not just you/your watch!

I only ever used it once as a test, as it’s awkward having the watch on my left arm and the pads to tap on the right side (I have a shoulder injury which makes it a little painful to stretch my arm).

I think the issue is with how quickly the NFC comes online. If you tap too soon it gets rejected and doesn’t work. I found that by activating the card a on the approach the the barriers so the card was up for a few seconds before I needed to tap it ensured it worked flawlessly.

Its not ideal though and never have the same issues with iPhone.

There was a good thread about it on here where there was a proper (technical) description of the issue.

Here you go:

The fix seems to be to arm Apple Pay ahead of time and to not wave your wrist too fast on the reader. :+1:

Cheers I must have missed this!