Warning message when transferring

Hi, ive noticed now for some time now, that whenever i transfer funds to first direct, i aways get a warning message stating if this transfer is for the correct person/organisation… i always check the account afterwards and the transfer successfully moves over. But why do always get this warning for transferring to first direct?

Due dilligence on Monzo’s part. ‘One off’ transfers to external accounts flags the question. And quite right. I dread to think how many people have transferred funds to the wrong account or under some influence/scam.

If you set up a repeating, scheduled payment to the account, you won’t have to go through this.


Are you sending to your own account? Or someone else’s account?

Also, is it a business account or personal account you’re sending to?

Im sending it to my account at first direct and its a personal account…

Just to rule out any discrepancies:

Does the name fully match the first direct account?

Have you tried deleting the payee and then adding this again, just to be sure the name check process can complete itself again?

Yes, the name matches and ill try again by deleting the payee and starting again. Thanks ill let you know how i got on


Thanks, seems odd behaviour.

Also worth checking you’ve the latest up to date version of the Monzo app.

What version is the latest monzo app?

I, unfortunately use the TestFlight version.

Are you Android or iPhone?

iPhone - 4.33.0


Having a look, it seems Android follows similar build numbers but I could be wrong. If there’s no updates in your App Store then you’re most likely on the latest version.

The final step would be to delete the app and reinstall just to iron out any kinks if there are any.

Im using version 4.33.0 ill uninstall the app to see if it happens again-watch this space!

Doubt it’s anything reinstalling will fix.

Have you tried using initials + surname instead of your full name?

I have the same when I transfer to my HSBC accounts which for all intents and purposes is the same. It seems to be something to do with the way HSBC display/communicate your account name.

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Sometimes worth removing any and all potentials.

I’ve a first direct account and that’s saved as full name and no issues there.

Yep. That did the trick, only entered my first name and surname. But i tried both first and middle name with surname, and this time it went through with no issues!
Thank you all for your help


I’ve also been getting this.

Every payment I make I get the APP scam message even though I’ve sent it a gazillion times.