Scam Warnings

Why, when I am transferring money to an external account am I getting a warning that “the account details do not match”, when they do.

I proceed and and am getting multiple warnings that it is a scam etc.

This happens when transferring to my own First Direct account and also to a Santander account.

I get the need for security and vigilance but the warnings and red screens seem way over the top.

Is it just me? I looked at the forums and couldn’t see anyone else mention it.

Yeah it’s because not all banks have activated confirmation of payer yet so Monzo can’t verify the details. There’s a thread about it somewhere

Thank you - it was a bit disconcerting seeing multiple warnings when everything was in order.

I recently tried to pay a genuine person and the details given to me by them when entered returned an error which (from Monzo) showed the name was entered incorrectly. Monzo even showed the correct name registered against the submitted sort-code/account#

Once I entered the Monzo-friendly-name, it all went through OK. Shame the account holder didn’t even know their own banking name. But it all worked out in the end :smile:

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