Help opening a Monzo account

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Having some issue opening a Monzo account; each time I input my number it pops up that it failed to verify my number.

  • I’ve tried inputting my number numerous different ways.
  • I’ve tried a different email.

Disappointingly, I’ve sent three emails to Monzo’s customer service team but all there have been ignored. This is somewhat unfortunate and the lack support for people setting up an account is a bit of an oversight. Funnily enough, I’m applying for a Monzo account because I believe the Fintech’s technological and helpful approach but I suppose teething problems are to be expected. :slight_smile:

Anyways, could I please get some advice on next steps?

When did you last contact their customer service, and how?

0800 802 1281 if you need to call them.

This can happen if you have attempted to open an account in the past with that number (but didn’t complete the process). Also, I think if you copy-n-paste your number sometimes this may cause issues. This is all I can see from a quick search of prior issues. TBH from memory you don’t need to format or space it out, but it’s been a while since.

Emailing Monzo may be the best option, or contacting them by phone.

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I contacted them last Thursday and twice the week before via email on all three occasions and via twitter messages on the last attempt. I read that the number is only for customer holders but tbh it’s silly of me not to just call it anyway :stuck_out_tongue:

Probably will have to contact them via phone. Thanks for the information though, thought I was doing something strange with my number.

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Disappointing though. I know they’re busy at the moment but they should be getting back to emails.

My advice would be to try to log in instead of signing up, and see if you receive the email to log in to your account. If you have started the sign up process sometime in the past , this should fix the issue and take you back where you left off. Make sure to check your spam folder for the email if it doesn’t show up in your Inbox. I hope this helps :blush: