Want different accounts with same email

Want to join Monzo and have joint account with wife but share email with her. How do I set up separate personal account?

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You can’t set up one with a different email. Your Monzo accounts are linked to the same customer profile.

But you should already have a personal account as it’s a prerequisite for a JA.

Edit: If your joint account is elsewhere and you want to join Monzo, each of you will need your own emails, register your own personal accounts then – presuming you’re eligible – you’ll be able to add a JA.

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Create your own email address and apply for an account.

Hi @Sarah34 & welcome :wave:

One of you will need a different email address. You both need to open a Personal account first (each using an individual email) to be able to then apply for a Joint account. As you likely won’t use the Personal accounts, the email doesn’t really matter - only that it’ll be what you log in to the Monzo app with AND you’ll need access to it on the same devices you’re logging into. Monzo emails a secure link to you, to allow you to log into your account if you are logged out or change devices.

It takes 2 seconds to create an email account and it’s free.

You can use + notation with almost all email providers (anything compliant with the standards anyway).

So you can sarah34+monzo1@ and sarah34+monzo2@ and that’s two different emails but both will arrive in your inbox (it’s a useful thing to use with retailers to see who is selling emails to spam lists).

Whether monzo will treat them as different I can’t be sure as I haven’t tried to open two accounts…


TIL :+1:t3:

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