Bespoke account

Myself and a colleague are both UK Monzo account holders. We are looking to create a separate Monzo account that we both have access to.

We don’t have a company so it is a personal account.

Is it possible to have a second Monzo account attributable to a person / device / email address ?


It sounds like a joint account is what you’re after but I wouldn’t recommend having a financial connection to a colleague.

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If you don’t have a joint account already, then you could apply for a joint account with them, you will however be linked financially to that person, and you two will have an impact on each others credit rating.

If you are using it for business looking transactions, then Monzo may decide to close it.

Would a shared tab fit your needs?

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Thanks for response. Can you have a separate joint or additional personal account in addition to an existing personal account?

Noted re other concern.


1 joint account and 1 personal account per person.

With other banks I believe you can but with Monzo sadly not.

@mts has covered everything else I was going to add or suggest in their two posts.

You can have 2 separate GBP accounts at Starling bank :blush: