Wallet Diet Option

(Sameer Patel) #1

With the iOS widget and instant payment notifications, Monzo is great for keeping track of daily spend on stuff like coffee, lunch, small grocery shops etc. What would be cool is to somehow integrate into Monzo a “diet” option to help save you cash quickly by cutting down on these areas.

It would work by selecting certain criteria:

  • Start date, (end date optional)
  • How much you want to save
  • Monzo will then recommend your daily spending budget given previous spend record, which can be overridden
  • You select which categories this applies to: eating out, entertainment…as some categories will be be big weekly or monthly payments.

Then Monzo will give you notifications and visuals to see if you are maintaining your diet and show your gains.

(Alex Sherwood) #2

Cool idea, I’m guessing that it might be possible to use Pots for this :crossed_fingers:

(Super-cali-fragi-listic-expiali-docious) #3

As @alexs Said, once available, pots when available may be possible of this.

However on the same topic, it might be nice to have an option/rule to stop you digging into your savings. EXAMPLE: I have £0.50 in my Current Account, and I’m trying to purchase £2.50 of groceries, and I have £15 in my “Rent” pot.
There could be an option/rule on my pot to disallow overspending into my savings pot. or an option to ALLOW money to be pulled from the pot if it’s not important.

£0.50 CA & £15 Rent Pot No-Overflow | £2.50 Shopping = Disallow Payment
£0.50 CA & £15 Rent Pot Allow-Overflow | £2.50 Shopping = Allow Payment, take the extra £2.00 from Rent Pot