“Redeeming” money from a Pot

This is my first post in the community, so hopefully I’ve stuck this in the right place!

Like many others I have a lot of pots set up as either savings or sinking funds for things like bills, eating out, spending money and so forth.

At current I can’t seem to find a way to make the app automatically “redeem” money from a specified pot for either a certain merchant or a category if I’ve spent money on my card - this is something that I am having to do manually weekly, if not daily (depending on the spending)

As examples, it would be really useful for anything marked as Groceries category to then automatically redeem the same amount from the allocated Groceries pot I have set up. It would make budgeting much easier and if you’re someone who struggles with a budget (or neurodivergent) it may make the task a lot easier to manage without the need to manually pull amounts from the correct pots to replenish your account or have the move the money before you make a purchase, which isn’t always feasible.

Hopefully this is something I’m not alone in thinking would be useful!

Sounds like Monzo Plus is for you!

Hi. Welcome.

You can do this yourself with IFTTT (but it’s afterwards), if you have a search this has been mentioned quite a few times.

Or try a virtual card.

Monzo plus is what I have! Is there a native way to do this (without needing IFTTT)?

Set up a virtual card. Assign that to a pot. Add that card to Apple Pay. Use that card to pay.


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