Waiting list service error


I signed up for Monzo had a golden ticket and all I had to do was scan my passport but I keep getting this

(#savetheseabass) #2

Ping off an email to help@monzo.com and they can sort you out

(Peter Roberts) #3

Would it make sense to add an actually useful message on the error page asking the user to email the help address? @simonb surely this would give users a more delightful experience than a cryptic message only intelligible to Monzo’s staff :wink:


That message is never meant to be seen by users anyway, I bet it’s returned by some internal service and is simply surfaced by the service initially being called.

My main question would be why is signup/waiting list still so broken; there should be no excuse for this.

(Angela) #5

I had this also when typed in the code they sent me it also fsiled used a different number got another access code thst eirked

(Angela) #6

How do I get my money back from monza also the coin jar I have set up
Very disappointed in this as this is what I have been looking for had arranged for some funds to be paid into this how will I be able to recive alll this back as this was due to go in this week so to late to change it

(#savetheseabass) #7


Or in app help if you are able

(Angela) #8

I am unable to acess my account at all it just has a message “ unable to help “ no way of ligging out of this no way to check funds
I transfered funds last friday & have been unable to check if this has gone over no notice that money has gone in or out

(Angela) #9

I have had to delet the app on my phone as no acess to snt part

(Brenda Wong) #10

Hi @Ang. We’re so sorry you’re experiencing trouble. Is it at all possible for you to email help@monzo.com using the email address you signed up with? We’ll take a look into this straight away.

(Rika Raybould) #11

Work is still slowly ongoing to fix this, especially now that we no longer have to maintain prepaid legacy parts. The waiting list is one of the oldest services still mostly around in its original form! :scream:

(Angela) #12

Tried it judt takes me back to the same page “ unfortunatly we sre unable to offer an account at this time “
Close Monzo

This detracted last friday when I transferred money as I went to check was promted to apply for a current account which I already have then had a problen was the acess code you sent to confirm my e mail had 25 sent then was refuesed no have no acess st all

I hope this can be redolved by fridsy otherwise I will have to close account I hope you eill refund all monies including whst is in my coin jar

Angela Vasey

(Brenda Wong) #13

We’re really sorry about this @Ang, that sounds really frustrating. It’ll be great if you could continue the conversation you’re having with us by email (the address is help@monzo.com) as we’d be able to help you more efficiently there. We’ll do all we can to help.