Waiting list not moved at all since signing up

Hi there, I know there is a big wait for Monzo but is it normal that 48 hours after I have signed up that the waiting list hasn’t changed by a single number? (Still at 104,682 in front of me). I find it weird that in 2 days not a single customer has been processed? Or is this just a glitch. Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Hey Tayla, let me look into this for you :grinning:

Should be fixed now - take a look at the app! :grinning:

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Brilliant :slight_smile: Thank you magic Monzo fairies!


Yeah Monzo are just like that. Welcome to a GREAT bank


Are there really over 100,000 still in the queue @simonb? Would mean :monzo: Monzo is heading towards 600,000 current accounts :boom:

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I don’t think so, but I’m not sure of the exact number…

So why does the app give the wrong number? Is it all a bit of marketing or is it a programming issue?

It’s probably because the app didn’t sync with our servers properly :+1:

It actually does look like the queue has over 100,000 people in it.

@Jackcrwhitney posted a link to this tweet yesterday.

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Hi I recently signed up but I am currently still in the same position in the waiting list is this normal?

Hi @tams, if the queue hasn’t progressed you could always contact help@monzo.com to see if you are moving. Of course you could always search the forums for our Golden Ticket thread that will put you at the front of the queue :wink:


Hey @tams! When did you sign up? We unlock users in batches, so it’s possible you haven’t been on the waitlist long enough to see a batch of unlocks happen yet.

Our lovely product team have confirmed that this is a bug. Fix incoming :grinning:


Aww that’s a disappointing bug!


Hi, my waiting list hasn’t been updated in >24 hours should this have updated by now?


I just signed up and the waiting list is showing me that there are 107,385 people ahead of me.
It hasn’t been 24 hours yet but the number hasn’t changed and I was a bit surprised at the length of the waiting list.


Is this a bug or an accurate figure?

You could try this thread to get a Golden Ticket which will enable you to skip the waiting list;

Is the waiting list actually this long? Or is this a bug? I would be genuinely surprised if the queue was this long

I reckon it’s real