“Waiting for card” and “top off” screens out of order

When signing up, I had the your card is on its way, but once I got the card, this

was my next screen. Seems out of order. Would have loved to have done this prior to actually getting my card.

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Hey @Grayman sorry about this and thanks for reporting. This is a known issue that we’re aware of and going to be working on shortly. Going forward once this is deployed, you should see an option to add money to your account after you’re done signing up and once your application is complete. This will mean you can add money while the card is on the way, so once you activate the card the funds are already on it and ready to spend.

This should come alongside an update where you can access the rest of the app before activating your card as well, so you can familiarize yourself with the features before activating your card.

We really appreciate your feedback - keep it coming and stay tuned!