Topup for the first time with cash

Hello, I recently applied for a new monzo account. I received the topup option but I mistakenly dismissed it. Is there any way to get it back? Also how can I topup using cash as I have no other bank account . I have applied for new account on 15/Dec but still haven’t received my card. Is it necessary to top it up to get the card? I need the card ASAP as no one is accepting cash anymore. I also tried to call customer care but no one is picking up the call.

You can add cash at any shop that accepts PayPoint.

It’s only the 21st today with a weekend inbetween with Christmas post. You’ll just have to wait unfortunately.

If you have no other bank account then you couldn’t add funds anyway.

Thanks for your response. How can I get the topup screen again? When I open the app it asks me to activate card and I haven’t received the card yet. I read on the forum that it is necessary to topup to receive the card.

I don’t think you can.

You don’t need to top up to receive the card. It will have already been posted to you.

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Is there any way to track card location?


That post may have been from when Monzo was a pre-paid debit card. It’s now a fully-fledged current account.

However, the only way to pay in cash is with the debit card. If you ordered it on the 15th you’ll probably have it by tomorrow, with any luck. Go to any Paypoint with your new card and ask to top up.
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Guess I just have to wait a bit more. Thanks a lot for helping.

It should tell you in app when your estimated delivery date is.