Payday Tues 26th of may

Hi I’m due to be paid the day after the bank Holiday Mon. Does anyone know when will my bacs payment show in my account.? Will it be the Mon or Friday?

Friday at 4pm. It’s always the working day before as long as you are paid by BACS

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I didn’t realise it was a bank holiday so… wahooooo!


Deff 4pm Friday mate

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Someone/Monzo needs to make a pay early calculator so people can put in their payment date and have it tell them when they can claim it. There’s so many topics like this :scream:

I might even knock something together over the weekend if I have time :thinking:


Not everone wears capes😂


Thanks yes I am x

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If people can’t work out what the working day is before the day they get paid, we have bigger issues :joy:


Have a quick search and that should answer your question :wink:

Hi…I’m new here. Any help would be great…I’m due payment on Tues 26th. Its bacs so will It come early? Ty

Hi @Mazza49 & welcome :wave:

If it is BACS payment, you’ll be able to claim it after 4pm today. It’ll show in your feed at some point this morning, greyed out. If you tap on it, it’ll tell you to try again after 4pm. Wait until 4pm and do it again to unleash the magic!

Thanks ever so much. Also do I need to ena le anything on this? Just looked now and nothing is showing anywhere thanks

Sorry yeah I see payment in grey and it says 4 days from now. I’m confused lol

After 4pm you’ll be able to click it and get the payment early


Thanks very much addzy. I wish other banks would follow suit… we know they can

They do. Santander does it, they just don’t make a song and dance about it, nor do they make you claim it, it just arrives in your account. My BACS payments always arrive on the previous working day.

Aww eight. I was with Natwest and we used to get payments on a saturday but they stopped that. My daughter put me into this. I’m working still self employed and employed so I’m going to change all other payments to hear. It’s very handy at this time right thanks for advice.

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I think you are describing Google Calendar. I wouldn’t waste your time if I were you! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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