Voucher Codes / Discounts

Based on our shopping habits, for example, I go to Starbucks all the time for coffees, we get push notifications for voucher codes/discounts…


Great idea! We’d love to do something like this in the future in a way that is non-intrusive for users and actually useful :smiley:

maybe have an opt-in option per vendor, that way we could subscribe only to things we want

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Not convinced I’m a fan of the idea. I want Mondo to be a bank, and be a good one. I don’t want it to have to waste time trying to organise deals, special offers etc – that’s what {{ insert voucher app here }} and the vendors’ own apps are for.

I would argue that iOS Wallet/Apple Pay and Android Pay using Value Added Services combined with the brand’s own app/emails/website handle this far better than Mondo can and at a larger acceptance scale. I would not mind Mondo linking to relevant apps and allowing transaction specific integrations such as discussed here and here though, just as I would hope a hypothetical future Mondo Apple Pay card would show the mini-statement in Wallet (still poking around to find out how that works) but link back to the app for the full feed and details.

Some redacted screenshots of Apple Pay NFC loyalty cards with automatic selection, available in public iOS builds right now.

Further reading on Apple Pay loyalty enrolment within Wallet (this is pretty cool since you can chain it with “scan to add”) and Save to Android Pay.