I'm not the target audience

But my Monzo card is on the way. I normally use my credit card for all purchases for the rewards but I’m so impressed with Monzo’s approach to banking that I wanted to be a part of it.


Great to hear! Welcome to the community Paul :slightly_smiling_face: Eventually we’d like to partner up for some retailer funded loyalty and reward schemes so watch this space!

I look forward to any developments that come along.

I’ve downloaded the beta version of your Android app to help out where I can. As I haven’t had experience of an iPhone since my iPhone 4S I cannot comment on the much discussed app parity between Android and iOS, however, the long press shortcuts on your app are great. Platform equality or not, it’s impressive that you’ve implemented an app feature that even Google haven’t​ got around to implementing on all of their own apps yet!



Have a look at tail, it might interest you, they are going to offer cash back and discounts for Monzo users. They have a waiting list at the moment that you can join.

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Cheers Matt I’ll take a look.

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