Loyalty Cards inside the Monzo app

Google Pay & Apple Wallet let users store their loyalty cards (or you can install the “Stocard” app - Loyalty Cards Wallet app, which +10M users have done that) to enjoy them when you are making a purchase.

Shopping Experience.
Whenever I pay with my Monzo card at Tesco or Paperchase, I need to show 2 cards to the cashier. So I thought… Digital ALWAYS can make it better, right?

The Idea.
Why not store my loyalty cards on my Monzo app, so I can collect points and also see my “scores” on the Monzo payment page.

The Benefits.

  • Better Savings for Monzo users
  • Better data for Monzo spending habits
  • Better value to Monzo app
  • Better cx (you save while you spend!)

Why it’s #1 Monzo priority
Help people make better financial decisions. - Is a line I read on Monzo campaign page. So adding loyalty card will be beneficial for users (“saving while spending!”) while adding value and data for Monzo platform.

See it here (one option I crafted here is a Pop-up users can click on and reach more data on Tesco site/app)

Would love to hear your thoughts on the matter. Do you use loyalty cards? If so… Whould you want this sync inside Monzo app?


Are you suggesting Monzo have the barcode for loyalty cards in the app or that it shows the reward for the transaction in the app?

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Please no. Keep them seperate.


Tnx for the feedback.


You feel ____ when they are separate.

Tnx for joining.

The 2ns option.

This could be possible if flux integrate with more retailers


Very much in favour of your overall point if possible. I suppose Flux is working on this and will hopefully hit more and more retailers as it grows?

Also, as a small point regarding Tesco, if you get the ‘Pay+’ app you can add a card and then just use one QR code to pay and receive clubcard points!


Already possible in gpay etc, defo not a priority.

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A while back Apple made it possible for companies to make loyalty cards in the wallet app which used NFC instead of QR codes/bar codes.

I think my understanding of it was that when you paid using Apple Pay, if there was an NFC loyalty card which matched the merchant you were paying, then it would be automatically have any loyalty points etc added without you having to do it as 2 separate steps.

No companies seem to have used that new loyalty card functionality though.

I may have gotten that completely wrong but I’m sure that’s how I remember it being explained.

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Im so gonna check the Apple Pay loyalty card options right now :slight_smile: Tnx!

Yes please to this.

Two digital cards is a faff that doesn’t really need to exist. I use Stocard but can see the logic that would allow ‘bank card X is connected to loyalty card y’ to allow for this functionality.

Will the stores sign up and make this possible? If pitched as a reduction in friction to using their loyalty systems, which gains them more insight, then yes.

As an example I have a Nectar card, there is a Sainsburys across the road from my office and I spend there regularly, but only ever for snacks, small value stuff (£1 or so at a time). I rarely can be bothered getting my nectar card (digital or otherwise) out for such a small amount (I know it all adds up but the hassle versus the benefit isn’t worth it). So I don’t scan my Nectar card and Sainsburys won’t know I really like some of their snacks.

ANY way to reduce the friction would be good.


This should remove the need of showing the Tesco card, showing/scanning two cards are not the solution here. A better way could be that loyalty cards are linked to your Monzo account and automatically recognise new transactions, adding points directly from there. So you would have just to pay with your Monzo account and everything is taken care of.


Yes. Which is exactly what the OP said.

surely there should be a way to attach the loyalty card to the monzo card and then have it register with a payment method i.e swipe, authentification pin or using NFC?

I guess would depend on the third party and if they allow this integration. If they do then it certainly is possible.

I know Flux have done it so that if you spend on your Monzo card at KFC you automatically get Colonel Club points without having to scan your rewards card. It does require you to connect and authorise the two services though and they have integrated with the Monzo in app receipts function too - so not sure if that is a requirement as well?

surely there could be a simpler way of doing it than that? Just like you can link certain gift cards and loyalty cards in google/apple pay I’m sure there must be some way of linking it through monzo?

I have just seen that I can link my loyalty cards to my Royal Bank of Scotland card. Surely this can be done too with Monzo

Care to elaborate a little more on how that works?

Wow. Sounds pretty legit at least:

List of supported retailers a bit down the page, certainly covers a lot of the big/obvious ones.

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This is exactly what I do. But swap Sainsbury’s for Tesco. I have to use my clubcard when in the big store for my usual shop because I scan as I go, but if I’m only buying a couple of things from the express store, I never bother.