Integrating Nectar/Tesco Clubcard/Avios

I think that would be a very cool feature. If you use your Mondo Card to pay at a retailer and you have an account there to collect points, your points are automatically being added. I keep on forgetting to use my Nectar Card for example.

Just an idea, I do not know if this is technically feasible or possible.


Not sure if this is even something Mondo could do on their side.

Ideally, I’d personally like to see the loyalty cards move to iOS Wallet and Android Pay with automatic presentment at supported locations through NFC. It’s something I’ve been playing around with for a much smaller project.

Yeah that would be good - or having the card networks change to allow a link between card/loyalty number at authorisation. That would allow loyalty to be automatically associated with a card (though would require a change by the card network and at all merchants/banks that wanted to participate).

This would depend on the loyalty scheme owner allowing it, which I don’t see happening any time soon. However, in one of the previous hackathons, someone built an integration with Nectar where if you spent money in Sainsbury’s, it would pull your latest points balance and would show it inside the app (as a feed item).

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