Monzo Deals/Rewards

There’s nothing better than getting good deals or good rewards for using certain services. It just popped into my head that maybe you could talk to certain chains like Starbucks or Nandos or even big retailers etc to perhaps give exclusive deals to Mondo card users. That way, your users are getting great deals, Mondo are getting more users and more transactions going through and the clients are getting more customers in.


I suggested this a few weeks ago during a discussion about privacy, really good idea as long as the data is used responsibly

+1 for deals/rewards. Addison Lee are currently offering 10% off when using Apple Pay (using discount code: APPLEWEEK). I would welcome exclusive offers like these, providing deals are vetted for quality so that users are not spammed.


This is something that I would love Mondo to offer.

However, I feel like it’s much easier to start to negotiate these kinds of deals when you have 500,000 cardholders, rather than 20,000.

As a stepping-stone, we’d like to automatically accumulate existing loyalty points (Nectar, Clubcard) when you shop in store with your Mondo card.


Oh how I’d love that!! Starbucks as well please though I think their card system is global and closed to be able to do that :frowning:

I would love to see this down the line, I agree it’s probably far too early for Mondo to offer this, but it’s something I would love Mondo to look at once established :slight_smile:

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I wonder how many people here would use the Addison Lee code… :smile:

Addison who? :smile:

To be fair their core business caters to enterprise clients and they generate revenues of £200m+.

I actually have used them a few times to be fair only I was expensing the trips but when I checked how much it would be for me to get home one day it was 3 times the amount as an Uber!

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Just had an email from today - they’re closing down at midnight, there might be something there for you to pick up?

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Droplet’s business model was completely unsustainable from day one. They lost quite a lot of money on every single transaction.

The loyalty programme part could be built on top of Mondo though. Mondo could also offer free payments to merchants for Mondo customers, but that’s too limited overall really.

One of :mondo:'s big benefits is its categorisation of transactions and merchants, which certainly should make it easy to tie into promotions/loyalty cards.

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Welcome! This is exciting stuff, as we’re only just seeing the tip of the iceberg of what Monzo will ultimately offer.

What I’m looking forward to is Monzo quietly looking after my money through partnerships. I don’t want to be bombarded with offers, but what I do want is a intuitive bank that tells me when I’m paying too much for things. For example, I often don’t notice when my direct debit for my gas and electricity goes up. It would be great if Monzo told me, and then fed through a few details to a switching service to see if I could save. Same goes for automatic contract renewals of services after a year - I forget - and then I’m stuck for another year.

Loyalty card integration would be very cool too. Say, my local coffee shop gives me a free coffee after every 8, Monzo would automatically deal with that somehow?


Great suggestions Tom! … exactly how we’re thinking about it too. Stay
tuned! :slight_smile:


@tomsr’s words exactly. I hate being bombarded.

In terms of what Monzo can offer, apart from what Tom said, is when I can actually get ‘more’. For example, I don’t follow broadband prices. I might get something better for similar amount of money, so it wouldn’t be just about making it cheaper in my eyes.

Maybe in the future, some replacements could be suggested on a happiness ratio, even when product and price between 2 companies is very similar? Arguably, it’s difficult to find good, unbiased source of this data, but this ‘make Monzo users happier’ seems to match in my head to Monzo as a bank. Still, nope to offers spam! :smiley:


I have the Addy Lee app and yes I have used the code!

Just had a thought when paying for my lunch in Tesco, why not link Monzo to high street loyalty cards, so points are automatically added to your account when paid with a Monzo card. No need to carry multiple cards or miss out on potential rewards.

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Sounds a bit like those cashback deals some existing banks are doing (I use Santander and Curve)- but I don’t know how the account itself could be linked to loyalty cards? It sounds like a ton of hassle on Monzo’s part and idk if these retailers would be willing to do it. Or maybe it could be done but it wouldn’t be with very many stores, so you would have to remember which ones accept them and which ones don’t?

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This is on the to do list :wink:


As Tesco already do their own QwikPay app which adds points automatically I can’t see why they would want to do so

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