Visualisation Suggestions

(Richard Cook) #1

Hey everyone!

We’d like your ideas on something. Hopefully you saw our blog post yesterday announcing that we now have 500k Current Accounts. And spiffy data map we included:

Our question is: what other fun ways could you think of to visualise our data? Maybe a global map pinging with overseas transactions? Or something else entirely?

Drop us your thoughts!

Monzo Current Account Counter
Community Roundup - 23/3/2018
(Tom ) #2

I particularly enjoyed these updates:

(Ben Green) #3

Personal Transactions Map
A global zoom-able map that displays my personal transaction history. Can be over all time or within a specified date range (e.g. the last month).

Can use merchant logos and contact avatars to identify each one. Selecting one would open a dialogue with more information about the transaction (e.g. date, time, value,etc).

I also just opened the D3.js examples page for some extra inspiration.

Bubble Charts
Useful for visualising transactional values in a heirachichal structure, such as Outgoings->Categories->Merchants. At the top level, you could display bubbles for income, outgoings and internal transfers. Selecting a bubble would zoom into display a bubble charts of categories and then again into merchants.

The size of the bubbles correlates to the total value of transactions for each merchant/category over a specified date range.

Could also do the same with how much we receive from contacts and employment, although salary would nearly always be the biggest by far.

(Kenny Grant) #4

Global use by time of day on a map of the world would be cool to see - you’d see countries waking up and spending. Bonus points if it is a spinning globe :slight_smile:

Also, a map of use in london or another large city over a day might be fun.

(Brenda Wong) #5

Love me a good data deep dive!

More tidbits about users’ transactions! I loved our round-up of 2017 in Numbers and would love to see more about, for example, our user’s shopping habits. (Maybe I just like lists.)


I like the map though it does make me wonder how you can do that but not a simple live current account number…

(Only available in amateur ) #7

I’d like something to show demographics by region. Age of Monzo users is the one that interests me most. But I really like that user map, it’s reminiscent of Outbreak

(Jonathon) #8

Agreed - I like the amounts spent/where spending is happening etc.

(Frank) #9

I remember seeing a world map of live earthquake data so you were seeing a loop of where they were, intensity and when.

This could also work for say payment data or more generally active usage data.