Mondo community spend graphics

(Kristian Milne) #1

I really like my card and the feel of the community, this feels like a real joint project and im proud to be involved, in a small way.

I really enjoy the graphics that you include about the whole community’s spend as it shows how we are growing and developing, and taking over the world…

Could we get an updated one to see how we have grown? The last I can see was £1m total in Feb, we must be much bigger than that now?

(Tristan Thomas) #2

Your wish is our command! We literally published a new graphic this morning :smiley:

(Kristian Milne) #3

I saw that and its what made me wonder, have we broken £5m yet?

(Evan Davis) #5

I’d love to see a list of countries where the card has been used and a similar break-up of spend and average transactions in those countries.

I’ll be visiting Andorra in July. I wonder if I’ll make the first Mondo transaction there.

(tom) #6

By my reckoning, we’ve just hit £5m (some debate about whether you count refunds etc)

£2.96m spent in April, which was 150% higher than March.

(Andy Johnson) #7

This is awesome! Real strong growth guys!

(Andy Johnson) #8

Also more Mondo infographics would be awesome. I love transparency with fintech.

Uphold do a really good job of this -

(Stuart Pill) #9

I find the data graphic facinating.

As for ideas of what to visualise … I’m interested to find out the following:

  1. Which categories and merchants are most popular for first transactions?
  2. Are there any behavioural patterns emerging of how people start using Mondo? How much to they transfer as a first amount? How long is it before they are regular spenders?
  3. What have you learned from the notes people add to transactions?