Mondo online banking client + graphs

Hey everyone. You may have or may not have read my blog post over on Medium about how I used the Mondo API to make a quick and dirty online banking client. I’ve mapped transactions onto google maps, shown transactions as a regular old list and now want to represent expenditure in categories via graphs. I’ve gone for a complex one here, what do people think of it? Any suggestion on how to improve it, or should I ditch the radar graph completely? It may look better with more data on it, I’ll try get some sample data.


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That is pretty cool! I’m still impressed with the kind of stuff that you guys are building on top of the API. Congrats!

I suggest you to try that visualisation with the 24h (maybe 12?) of the day and aggregated data.

That may match a bit better the idea of a radial graph, whereas the days of the week are usually presented in a linear way (agenda) or a grid (classic month calendar). You may even want to plot 2 charts, one for weekdays and another one for weekends… or even one per day.

Another alternative: Instead of weekdays you could put the categories on the different axes, that way you avoid overlapping.

So many possibilities :slight_smile:

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I’ve made a pull request to update the login screen.
Feedback would be welcome :smile:


Is this open source anywhere? Would be fun the have a play.

@thomas Yeah, it’s here:

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