Virtual cards - Apple wallet name

Virtual cards is a great idea, i use it to budget and spend from grocery or going out pots. It would be great if the name of the pot could pull through to the card in the apple wallet as it can be difficult to remember which card is for which pot with just the colour.

Anyone else had this issue?


I dont think its possible because of Apple Wallet limitations.


Yeah you can’t do this - yet.

The mooted upcoming wallet changes in iOS 17 might give Monzo etc more flexibility but then again maybe not.


Ahh that’s a shame, alternatively maybe we could select an image to represent the virtual cards - this is possible for passes in the apple wallet so maybe could work for cards too.

That’s not possible either.

If you have a search this has been covered quite a few times.


It is possible, starling do it

Do you happen to have a screenshot or example?
It might be an iOS 17 thing.

I’m not aware of any changes that would allow this, @N26throwaway is normally on it with these sort of things.

I’d be curious how starling would even go this, as I understand it each retailer only gets a limited number of options and sticks with them.

If the one Starling user in the thread claims that Starling can do this, then perhaps they might be right. If we’re going to accept the reason for the dismissals at face value we should treat this claim the same too.

I find it both bizarre and interesting that a certain statement to dismiss the idea (the same one we see on the other threads asking for this sort of feature) is just accepted as fact with no proof, but the moment someone claims the contrary, proof is demanded.

As far as I’m aware, the only variable we know for certain that’s even been confirmed to be limited on this community by folks who would actually know is that of the card artwork. If OP searches as instructed, and by happenstance manages to find it, it’s the explanation related to the artwork, not the names, that they’ll find.

A limitation, if one exists in this respect, is just that though. A limitation. It doesn’t mean it would be impossible, it just means the bank would be limited in how they could implement it. They certainly aren’t prevented.

I’m not going to bother to check or verify one way or the other, so I’ve nothing else to contribute.

Just to be really clear I wasn’t trying to dismiss the idea, I don’t think it’s possible but can’t be certain that will always be the case

It is possible, in theory. It just takes a very long time to manage.

I don’t think Starling do it, because they’ll have the same issues as Monzo. I think maybe that poster has got confused because the Starling VC have a little icon on them.

The colours for virtual cards on Starling are carried through to Google Pay.

Yes, the same as Monzo.

The name isn’t but you could set the nickname to be the same as on the pot.

Starling mitigates this by having a shape on their virtual cards, it’s just trying to remember which shape goes to what spend.

Would’ve been better for an icon such as a basket for groceries, car for transport, etc.

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