Virtual Card Labelling

Hi, would it be possible to have the name of the virtual card to appear on the card. I have 4 virtual cards all being used from different pots. When I’m using these cards in a store via Apple Pay, I can only distinguish them by remembering the colour I’ve given them (admittedly not that hard!) but it would be great if there was a little label on the card to tell me which pot it’s coming out of.

This is driving me potty! I open Apple Wallet to pay & cant recall what colour is which, ended up paying for my coffee out of the savings pot rather than my “coffee & donuts” pot.
Also doesnt give the same level of detail in the feed when paying from a pot. PLEASE I BEG OF YOU, DONT LET ME SPEND MY SAVINGS ON COSTA! :rofl:

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At the moment on Android 12 (on a Google Pixel 4XL) the is a bug preventing me from giving virtual cards nicknames, I simply get “oops, something went wrong”

Hi Lewis & welcome :wave:

I’d recommend uninstalling the :monzo: app, restarting your 4XL, reinstalling the :monzo: app and then logging in. This usually fixes random issues.