Virtual Cards... which is which in my Apple Wallet

Hello Monzo Community I have just started using virtual cards and have put two into my Apple Wallet. Although I named them when I created them when they are added to the wallet there is no name on them just… virtual card… how am I supposed to remember which one is which if I use several? I have them in different colours but this is not ideal if you are in a shopping queue and have to quickly select one… am I missing something or is this functionality not there… thank you :pray:t2:

Unfortunately there’s no way to add the name to them, and it’s not something Monzo can do. Colours are the best way to determine which is which :frowning:


Apple said it’s not allowed so it’s not allowed :worried:

Would be ideal otherwise.

Edit: Apple or MasterCard, can’t remember which.


Like a suitcase without a handle :neutral_face:… sort of useful but not really :thinking: :grin:

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I’d forget which colour/card is for what without labels.

Curve have it right with this smart options.

Groceries come from card 1
Eating out card 2
Fuel card 3

I don’t use them, but that’s how it works. If this could be done in Monzo or Revolut I think it would be the ultimate addition.

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