Virtual card payments linked to a pot


Edit: Apologies, I’ve searched and found posts asking for the same thing. Thanks.

Anything in the pipeline for something like this

I would like to be able to link a virtual card to a pot, so my recurring payments would come from a designated pot for Netflix, Prime, etc instead of the main account.

Any thoughts on this.

Thanks in advance.

It’s been mentioned as something they are working on with the general improvements to pots. If you have a search there’s at least 10 threads with various improvement ideas to pots/virtual cards.

You can vote on the idea and discuss it here:

I’m not sure anything’s actually been confirmed as yet! Hinted at, and the UI updates suggest something of this nature is coming (though that could just wind up being support for joint accounts), but not actually confirmed it’s being worked on AFAIK.

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Why spoil the surprise by announcing it?

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