Monzo Plus - Pay monthly subscription from Pot

In the expectation that virtual cards will in the future be able to be tied to a pot. It would be good if my subscription to Monzo Plus could be paid from a pot, so that all sich things can be kept organised to one pot.

See this thread: Monzo Plus: Virtual Card from a Pot.

That’s not what he’s asking for.


Not really relevant - when (maybe if) that’s delivered it’ll keep all subscriptions EXCEPT my Monzo plus ond tied to a pot. What I’m asking for is to be able to pay my Monzo Plus subscription from a pot.

My mistake :man_facepalming:

Yes, I think that would make a lot of sense, this was requested a lot in the previous implementation of plus too, I was surprised this wasn’t part of this plus offering.

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No problem - easily done. I suspect others may misread it the same way so worth getting the clarification in.

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Please allow us to pay Monzo Plus from a pot


This is a great idea, I just signed up and I’d love it as the plus fee is taken a week before my pay date and it would be good to have the money put in a pot to the side and taken out where I don’t need to do it myself. Only went full Monzo this morning and I’ve 4 pots already :heart_eyes:

Has anyone got any work arounds for this like IFFT, this gets incredibly annoying when I organise everything into a bills pot etc. And having to leave £5 afloat, Shame you can’t designate a pot as a contingency if you don’t have the funds in the main account.

Currently I have a scheduled pot withdrawal setup. Will have to wait until next payment to see if it transfers before the payment ornifnI’ll need to remember to keep £5 available.

The problem is like many subscription services, Monzo uses a Continuous Payment Authority to charge you I believe, rather than a direct debit which is able to be charged to a pot.

I believe they are working on the systems to pay CPAs from pots but I’m not sure how far off this is. For now, I have a subscription pot which transfers into my main balance on the day Plus is renewing and the same for other subscriptions.

Hope this helps!

Completely get you but going back to legacy banks before Monzo/Revolut etc. I used to have easy access accounts for bills which allowed DIrect Debits, why can’t you get the option of having something similar implemented in place, May be dated but at least it would work (it’ll take advantage of having the payment infrastructure in house)

Sorry, my main point was around it being a CPA rather than a direct debit. I only referenced the direct debits as you are able to pay these from a pot, rather than only from the main balance like CPAs are currently.

Hopefully Monzo will implement the ability to pay CPAs from Pots as they can already recognise they exist!

I get you, where I’m getting at is legacy banks can join additional accounts to one login, so essentially the additional accounts can be assigned to a reacurring payment like Netflix or a direct debit, if that was implemented in the void of which is lack of subscriptions to a pot then that would fill a void would it not ? Just to add I can’t stand legacy banks but that’s about the only thing going for them.

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Yes that makes sense. As all your pots are treated as one account that’s the biggest issue at the moment I believe! I’m sure it won’t take them long to work it out though.

I don’t love legacy banks either - all the paperwork for things and over complicated apps and online banking! Only reason I still have legacy accounts is for cheques and occasional good interest rates on savings

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Better yet would be nice if you could nominate an account as a billing account as I could imagine not everyone uses Monzo as their main account, I’d probably use it more for income and purchases but a lot of people use the billing pot features which is probably one of the selling points, I just don’t understand how people have done IFFFT work around for years but not a single native version has been produced.

Possibly because as IFTTT works (at a minimum viable level), they see no need to.

Appreciated, but what about the fraction of consumers which can just about use a mobile banking app ? Can’t expect everyone to know how to create and apply an applet, let alone know who IFFFT are, out of curiosity I’d love to know a breakdown of age ranges for Monzo.

Maybe they wouldn’t be likely to use a native automated system, either. :man_shrugging:

Monzo is replete with features which were initiated and subsequently left undeveloped (foreign transfers, joint accounts etc). The lack of a native IFTTT is just another example.

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While I would prefer a native solution, I remember seeing that the limiting factor is that Monzo has no idea before hand when a subscription will be taken - with a direct debit they know before it’s taken, although I’m happy with the payment just being transferred after the fact.

What I’ve been using for the last few months is some IFTTT magic:

  • IF Any card at purchase - e.g. Amazon Prime
  • THAT Move money out of pot using AmountInAccountCurrency

The above has worked pretty well for me. The only exception is there’s on store where I have a subscription but also occasionally buy something separate - this shows on the statement under the same name - so I had to create a custom applet that works out the cost etc. and determines it like that. But for most subscriptions I find this works really well.

Only annoying thing with the above if I have to remember to add new IFTTT applets for any new subscriptions/cancelled subscriptions. So, am definitely interested in a in-app way of defining where money comes from - even if it is via the new Virtual Cards!

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